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Natural Disasters: Essay on Natural Disaster Management

Major and minor natural disasters

Natural disasters are classified in these two groups, and you should tell about them in your essay on disaster management. Major natural disasters are earthquakes, floods, cyclones, droughts, etc. Minor are fire accidents, landslides, avalanches, etc.

Impact of disasters

Explain in your essay on disaster management what consequences these natural phenomena lead to. You can mention the following: loss of life, injury, loss of housing, damage to infrastructure, etc.

Responses to disasters

Certainly, each disaster requires some unique measures to be taken. However, in the essay on disaster management, you may discuss some common types of responses to disasters.

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Natural disasters and all other kinds of calamities can happen to any nation and can touch anybody. Although the great majority of disasters can be predicted, results they lead to are just catastrophic and rather difficult to manage.

So, the topic of your next written assignment is disasters and ways of managing them. If you have not worked out a good plan for writing your essay on disaster management yet, our tips will be helpful.

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Sample Essay On Disaster Management: Empirical Study

Definitely, nobody wants to think about negative events, some hazards, and disasters. Thousands of Haitians did not think about that as well. Yet, disasters, especially natural, happen. What is more, they happen unexpectedly, and you can never be 100% ready for them.

You are assigned to prepare a disaster management essay, and there is a chance to make an outstanding paper. As you know, a good essay should be supported with relevant examples. There is a vivid, tragic, but real-life example that you can use in your essay on disaster management. We are talking about the recent earthquake in Haiti.

So, using this example, you should explain how disaster management works and evaluate its effectiveness. The following points can be covered in disaster management papers.

Point 1

It is a good idea to start your essay on disaster management by introducing some general facts. Disaster or emergency management originates from the Cold War era. In the United States, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is responsible for disaster management. By the way, you can find a lot of useful information for your essay on disaster management on their official website – www. fema. gov/index. shtm.

Point 2

All disasters are different. There are natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. as well as disasters of unnatural origins like terrorism.

Disaster management includes four basic steps that you should talk about in your disaster management essay. They are as follows:

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Essay On Disaster Management And Preparedness

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