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The second part of the site focuses on skills that come into play when writing historical essays. "" is intended for teachers; it spells out a process of investigation and essay writing. The section includes questions and pointers as to which objects and documents might be most useful. Teachers may wish to review "" for background on the topic. The "" may be useful as a handout in completing the assignments.


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The history is based on dates, and that's logical. While writing a historical essay, you need to cite some events and writing dates is a must. However, sometimes students make mistakes, and it's crucial to double-check dates in order not to weaken your essay.

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Writing a historical essay, you analyze articles, books, and other material to be impersonal, thoughtful, and reliable. Academic writing should include a reference page where you include all sources you've used while preparing the final draft. Depending on the format style, there are different guidelines on citing, so explore more before create a work cited page.

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Some questions to consider as you write a historiographical essay are: How has the historiography on this subject evolved over time? What are the different schools of thought on the topic, and how do they impact the interpretations of this subject? Why have different scholars come to different conclusions about this topic? You may find some of the information in our handout on literature reviews helpful.In 1978, I returned to school to finish my bachelor's degree at Temple University. I'd become interested in writing historical essays and in 1977 published my first, "Thomas Paine, Privateersman," in a well-respected historical journal. My goal as I entered Temple was to learn a solid background in American history that would enable me to write biographies of Paine and other Revolutionary War figures.
Below you will find a list of prompt verbs you will encounter when writing historical essays

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The History Major has four principal goals. Upon graduating with a History Major from AUP, a student will have a strong knowledge of historical trends across cultures in at least two different geographical or thematic areas. Graduates will be able to critically assess the value of information by identifying, interpreting and narrating significant historical data. They should be able to discuss critically a historiographical work, identifying the basic motivations and methodological approaches of the author within the discipline of History. Lastly, students will be prepared “to do” history through a strong mastery of reading primary texts and writing historical essays.

The second part of the site focuses on skills that come into play when writing historical essays

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In order to facilitate students’ growth as writers, I asked them to take on two types of assignments: blog posts that analyzed and responded to news articles about religion’s role in the presidential campaign and a series of essays that prepared students to write a research paper on a religiously-inspired political movement in American history. I believed the interplay of academic essays about historical topics and blog posts about current events would enable students to do better work in both forums. Reading and writing historical essays would allow students to situate issues arising in the current election among broader trends in American history, while writing on the blog would encourage students to develop a stronger and more argumentative voice.

It offers both a sampling of different approaches to writing historical essays related.

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Below you will find a list of prompt verbs you will encounter when writing historical essays. You MUST learn what these words mean. You must also learn what the thesis and essay containing each verb should look like. This is a skill that takes practice, which means you will be writing A LOT!