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The journalism program offers an emphasis on writing and editing. Students with career aspirations in reporting, magazine writing and freelance writing should enroll in this emphasis.

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Federal Divisions/Branches for whom I havewritten proceedings include the National Advisory Committee on Immunization, the Office of Public Health Practice, the ZoonoticsDivision (formerly Food-borne, Waterborne and Enteric Diseases), the Centre for Immunizationand Respiratory Diseases, HIV Epidemiology and Surveillance, Nosocomial andOccupational Infections, the Centre for Surveillance Coordination, the Controlled Substances and Tobacco Directorate, and many others.

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I am cleared to SECRET level with the federal government and have extensive experience writing proceedings for federal agencies and departments, particularly for Health Canada andthe Public Health Agency of Canada, but also others.

This Section looks at the key drafting and editing techniques to use when writing and editing different documents.
Robert has five years of experience as a freelance editor, writer, and translator. He has an MA in English and a BA in English and Spanish translation and has worked with a wide range of content, from creative writing and other classroom assignments to corporate technical patents and non-native speakers' dissertations. Robert is willing to work on any stage of a project, from planning and writing to editing and proofreading, with reasonable rates determined on a per-project basis.Kevin Featherly is a writer and editor who also offers document and graphic design, social media management, and more. He is also a skilled photographer.Newspapers such as the Financial Times or the Washington Post; magazines such as The Economist, Time and Newsweek; and best-selling books use the straightforward, plain English style. Why? Because professional writers and editors know a clear style helps their readers understand and absorb the information presented.
Newspaper subeditors spend around 90 percent of their time improving articles by cutting, simplifying and rearranging the words into a clearer style.The Electronic Writing Course teaches you everything you need to know to become a good writer and editor. Polish your writing skills at your own pace by working through the ideas, lessons, tips, quizzes, exercises and workshops.If you have book manuscripts that need editing, check out Peonia Kempenich. This writing editor and proofreader provides unique solutions you can trust.With the assistance of writing editors, you will limit the spelling and grammar mistakes, also save your time on editing. Here are five great writing editing tools for bloggers you may fall in love:
Barbara Adam is an Australian writer and editor based in Ho Chi Minh City in Southern Vietnam

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Not every writer can edit, nor every editor write, but it sure does improve both sets of skills if you find yourself fortunate enough to spend at least a little time wearing each hat. I started out as a writer (for magazines and newspapers) and never sought to be an editor (for magazines and radio)—in fact fought it for many years—but the time I’ve spent editing has definitely improved my writing and my life!

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The journalism program offers an emphasis on writing and editing

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Writers and editors work together all the time, but the two clans are somewhat mysterious to one another. Mutually suspicious, even. How do you know which career path you should specialize in? And how do editors become editors, anyway? Ann Finkbeiner and Laura Helmuth asked several journalists to describe the differences between writers and editors. In an , writers explained what it is they do. Today, the editors weigh in.