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Pleased to (virtually) meet you! I’m Alyssa, a third-year undergraduate in the SAS Honors Program and a proud Douglass woman. I have declared Cultural Anthropology as my major with minors in Comparative Literature and Women’s and Gender Studies. I’m a commuter student, and in addition to being a writing coach, I work as a guest services agent at a local hotel. My interests include reading, creative writing, culinary anthropology, baking, and coffee… lots of coffee. As your writing coach, I really want to make writing less painful and more of a creative process for you. I’m looking forward to working with you!

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Before you hire a writing coach, ask yourself the following questions:

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The RLC writing coaches do not provide tutoring for Writing Program courses (including Expository Writing and Basic Composition). These courses are supported by the Writing Centers, where students can meet with tutors who work closely with the Writing Program courses. Please visit the to learn more about their programs and sign up for tutoring.

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Every writer struggles, but you don’t have to struggle alone. Working with a writing coach can help you get past blocks, be more productive, and proceed with confidence. Many writers stop writing but aren’t fully aware of why they stopped. A writing coach can help you discover why you stopped writing and help you move forward.

Before you hire a writing coach, ask yourself the following questions:
Are you interested in writing and helping other students improve their writing? Maybe you should become a Writing Center Coach. You do not need to be an English major. Our coaches come from majors all across campus—from science and engineering to studio arts and psychology.Writing Services: editing of technical documents, dissertations and creative manuscripts (poetry and prose); "ghost writing," copy writing, speech writing; assistance with sermons, keynote addresses and ceremony planning; manuscript review (fiction and non-fiction); individual and group writing coaching; ESL Coaching (spoken and written English), creative writing seminars, and more....
I'm Dr. Elizabeth-Anne Stewart, The Chicago Writing Coach! An author, editor, motivational speaker and writing coach with over 35 years' experience, I serve as a writing resource and English Language Coach for both individuals and groups in Chicago's Loop and beyond. I also critique and edit literary and technical manuscripts. I can help you write YOUR book, or write it for you, with your input. Whether you need coaching writing a speech or creating web copy, whether you need to improve your written or spoken English, I am here to help you succeed!

Personal Story
You know, when word processors replaced typewriters, guess I'm telling my age, I didn't write for a while. I couldn't afford a word processor. I picked up my pen again and began writing the old fashion way, on paper, in my notebook. After writing in notebooks for a while, I finally gained access to a computer. But something about that transition made me develop low self-esteem regarding my writing. Being a writer at heart, I knew what I needed, a writing coach. The writing coach reminded me of many things I'd forgotten while writing in my notebook. He encouraged me to try using new devices and helped me work through the best devices to use per genre, etc., he also taught me many other writing tips and more key items I didn't know, which made it less expensive for me when I handed my manuscript over to an editor. That was 20 years ago and now, I am a writing coach.
The writing coach program starts at $300 per month for one of the following options:

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Experience writing coaching in a group environment. I am here to help you take your writing to the next level and accomplish all that you have dreamed of doing. Writing coaching is about making writing a regular part of your life, helping you set and reach goals, providing feedback, and freeing your creative voice.

The writing coach program starts at $300 per month for one of the following options:

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Writing is often regarded as the most difficult-to-teach skill. Catering for the specific needs of every student is such a big headache for teachers. Pearson's , is designed to help teachers provide personalised coaching for every single student through a digital writing 'coach' that gives individualised feedback on paragraphs and essays. Making use of the state-of-the-art technology, Texas Writing Coach is organized for ease of use with targeted and effective strategies just right for today's students. It allows teachers to customise instruction by just a few clicks.

In fact, often, my writing coaching is less about giving feedback on someone’s work.

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I love to write and I’m good at it. Plus, I love to help people, especially writers. Being a writing coach only makes sense. As your writing coach, I will help you: