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The writing coach will save you precious time no matter what you need get written. Writing is a complex process on just a technical level. Then there's the necessity of making sure readers actually understand what you wrote.

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Before you hire a writing coach, ask yourself the following questions:

Note: Writing coaches are NOT proofreaders or line-by-line editors.

Personal Story
You know, when word processors replaced typewriters, guess I'm telling my age, I didn't write for a while. I couldn't afford a word processor. I picked up my pen again and began writing the old fashion way, on paper, in my notebook. After writing in notebooks for a while, I finally gained access to a computer. But something about that transition made me develop low self-esteem regarding my writing. Being a writer at heart, I knew what I needed, a writing coach. The writing coach reminded me of many things I'd forgotten while writing in my notebook. He encouraged me to try using new devices and helped me work through the best devices to use per genre, etc., he also taught me many other writing tips and more key items I didn't know, which made it less expensive for me when I handed my manuscript over to an editor. That was 20 years ago and now, I am a writing coach.

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Who needs a writing coach?
Anyone interested in improving their writing skills or
who wishes to achieve the many principles in writing.

What I do for you as a writing coach?
I assess your goals; review your writing thus far, or, help you figure out how to get started; I walk with you through your journey, and we work in segments, as needed to achieve your writing goals; upon necessity, I see your writing project through to the end.

The writing coach program starts at $300 per month for one of the following options:
The centerpiece of the WriteBoston model is school-based coaching. Writing coaches serve as the link between teachers, curricula, and the series of authentic writing activities that WriteBoston brings to schools. The coaches – seasoned instructors with years of classroom experience and professional writing backgrounds – provide tailored support to teachers from all disciplines in every aspect of the writing process.Sustained, side-by-side coaching results in powerful, lasting adult learning. When surveyed, 84% of teachers called their WriteBoston coaching experience “significantly more valuable” or “more valuable” compared to other professional development experiences they had participated in during the year. With coach support, teachers build their toolbox of writing strategies, integrate the writing process into their daily instruction, grow their confidence in using writing as a vehicle for student learning, and embed literacy practices that align with instructional goals.Writing coaches work with teachers – both new and experienced – as well as administrators (principals, department heads, etc.) to infuse the school with instructional resources and professional development opportunities and to encourage student participation in writing.WriteBoston coaches train teachers not only in the “what” but the “how” of teaching writing. WriteBoston coaches provide materials and resources as well as the methods of delivery and instruction. Coaches examine what teachers do, encourage and refine what works, and identify and improve areas of weakness.
Before you hire a writing coach, ask yourself the following questions:

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I’ve been asked to write a book about the work I do as an integrative psychotherapist. I use techniques that help change beliefs so that people heal. I need a writing coach.
Thank you, Anita

The writing coach program starts at $300 per month for one of the following options:

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"It was very kind of you to volunteer your time to be my writing coach. Thanks to you my writing has become stronger and more meaningful. You encouraged me to bring out my own voice, which I believe transformed it into a beautiful piece of writing." - Big Sky High School student

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We depend on community volunteers to make this program work. Upcoming training sessions: Thursday, November 5, 2015, 6:30-9:30pm. If you would like to become a writing coach, please click on To Volunteer to find out what we require and how to sign up.