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Aside from the classic essay or research paper (which is only pedagogically strong if all of its components are directly tied to course learning objectives), there are other writing assignments that can be used to assess a student's knowledge, understanding, and critical thinking as it is expressed in written work. Here are a few from :

Types of Formal Writing Assignments

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Establishing the purpose of an assignment through an an explicit statement about how the assignment fulfills goals of the course or fits into a larger sequence of assignments, is key part of well-constructed writing assignment. Being clear about why you are assigning this writing project also help with student motivation in completing the assignment. The reasons may seem clear to you, but may need to be more explicit to students.

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Below are writing assignments created by faculty participating in Daytona State College’s WAC/WID Professional Development Program. In developing the assignments, faculty were guided by important principles of WAC/WID pedagogy:

This is a heuristic you can use when creating writing assignments for your classes.

Can we blend these two kinds of writing within assignment sequences?

Professors sometimes bemoan their students' writing skills. But how good are professors at creating quality writing assignments? There's no recent, national study of how and what professors are asking their students to write, despite lots of research suggesting that rich, varied writing assignments and opportunities for feedback mean better student papers. A new book seeks to fill that data void, and argues that what professors are asking their students to write is as important as what students end up writing.

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