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The written thesis or grant is the culmination of a student's work in fulfilling the requirements for a graduate degree. The practice of applied research and the development of a resulting written document offer the student opportunities to demonstrate ability to incorporate into professional practice: a)clear grasp of the basic concepts of research, b)confident capacity to read and understand research articles in the literature including those across professional disciplines, c)effective development of a graduate level research effort, and d)competent skills in writing a research thesis, grant proposal or professional contribution report.

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Writing a research thesis is a long process and students of Masters or PhD must do it so as to win their degree. Winning the degree is crucial as it helps students build their careers with distinction in their desired departments and fields. So the importance of degree is clearly justified and you must not be careless while writing a research thesis and ask for or dissertation thesis help whenever you need.

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Undergraduate research can be conducted in any field of study, and is not limited to students in STEM fields. For example, independent scholarship in the humanities or the creative arts is included in the umbrella of undergraduate research, and the same opportunities for presentation, publication, and writing a thesis are available to all OSU students involved in ‘research’. All students who engage in undergraduate research through STEP are encouraged to write a thesis and apply to graduate with research distinction. Students interested in writing a research thesis should discuss this with the faculty research advisor and their academic or major advisor.The thesis option is a research-focused program, which includes conducting original research, writing a research thesis, and defending the thesis to the student’s graduate supervisory committee. The research thesis option degree requirements are as follows:In addition to writing a research thesis, ELG students must complete 40 credits of taught coursework. The content of this requirement differ slightly (see below) depending on whether they are registered through Law or SPIRe. All ELG students also have the option of pursuing additional coursework in Law, SPIRe or other Schools (such as Business, Economics, Sociology, etc.) to deepen their substantive knowledge and/or methodological skills.Academics are often looking for good research assistants. You might aim to bring yourself to notice in an area of interest by taking an elective or writing a research thesis/paper on a subject in your preferred field.
For further reading on writing a research thesis statement, see Rozakis (1999).

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Our graduate program admits 8-10 students per year, all of whom are entitled to funding opportunities. Graduate course work, which centers on 11 required courses, leads to completion of the degree through three culminating venues: 1) writing a research thesis, 2) taking a written comprehensive examination that involves designing a set of undergraduate syllabi, or 3) working on a creative project. We currently offer two concurrent M.A. degree programs with Public Health and Social Welfare respectively, as well as an Asian American Studies Graduate Concentration program for both M.A. and Ph.D. students from other fields.

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Writing a research thesis is a long process and students of Masters or PhD must ..

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The Doctor of Philosophy Research Programme at the UUM College of Arts and Sciences in Malaysia is a full-research education programme provided offered to students interested in gaining an in-depth knowledge on a topic through writing a research thesis.