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I am writing a PhD proposal on a solution to an AI problem that hasn't been solved before (although there's related research). I am having trouble determining what kind of research questions / hypotheses are appropriate for this topic. I can't propose my solution is better, faster, more efficient than some previous technique (as is common in CS theses) as there is nothing to compare it to, it's a novel problem. I am not testing a hypothesis as to how something works (such as a theory of evolution, or quantum mechanics), nor developing some set of equations to describe some phenomenon. Rather I am using some standard machine learning algorithms to solve the problem. What form then should my hypotheses take? That I solve the problem to within some degree of accuracy?

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—A free online journal with articles on writing manuscripts, editing, publishing, and avoiding rejection. Volume 19.2 (March 2009), for example, contains articles on converting a poster into a paper and on writing a PhD proposal. This lists all of the articles written for authors (as opposed to publishers or editors). See also their free e-book, listed below. Note: You will need to register with the website to view articles.

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this is by writing a PhD proposal. This is a requirement for many programs, but it can actually help you in several ways. Many students

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The research proposal is one of the trickiest parts of the PhD research project, it’s the part where you must lay the groundwork for your future project, where you must formulate a position and defend it, where you must convince the reader of the worthiness of the project and make a hypothesis on the outcome. Its difficulty essentially lies in the fact that you must do a lot of preparation as well as predicting on something you haven’t even started; it requires a certain amount of guesswork and prescience. How to write a PHD research proposal? is a multi faceted process with a few unique aspects you must bring a unique skill set to.

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• 7.5 EC will be spent on writing a PhD proposal of a topic to be freely chosen by the honours student. Supervision and coaching will be provided by two senior staff members who should be from different groups. This proposal is eligible to compete in the Debye Graduate Program.

ultimately be entered. How to Write a Successful PhD Research Proposal Application and enrolment One of the most common

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Unfortunately, good quality research takes time, and in some cases a lot of time. Therefore, we can summarise that writing a PhD proposal will take less time if you know the subject well, but will still take a significant amount of time due to the research demands. Fortunately, if you are truly enthusiastic about the subject that you want to write the dissertation on, then the time spent writing it will seem like a labour of love – not a chore.