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hello Rick, you can check through the online source, there are several tutorials and example of a case study essay are available to write a well case study essay...a case study essay is like a detective story and it would be written through systematic research, analysis and reporting. And also, it is sure that you need to spend plenty of time to collect accurate data and for better analysis. I think its a best idea to start by explaining the research question in your introduction...Anyway, just search on the google for a well example of a case study essay..

How to write a case study essay

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Case studies are essays that seek an answer to a problem or puzzle

I have to prepare a project to write a psychological case study essay but i didn't understand the methods of writing a good case study essay. I heard that there are 2 types of case studies: factual and fictional this is really makes confused to me and i don't know which case study essay i want to write. where can i get the example of a case study essay?? what are the main sources can i get good research details?? i just searched in education and government sites, University library etc but nothing found as useful. So, if you can give me the example of a case study essay or some points to write a well case study essay, it will be a great help for me. Please share your ideas and opinion here. Thank you very much in advance..

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First step of writing a case study essay is to select a good topic for writing