Retreat: July 3rd - July 9th Writing workshop: July 9th - July 16th

I woke up this morning, a rainy Sunday morning, having completed my fifth Writers Workshop yesterday. “I am sooooooo bored,” I thought. “Shall I read a book today or write one?”

So you hate writing workshops. Then maybe just don’t go?

Sign in at the Writers Workshop Main Desk (Room 251, next to the Consultation Corner)

I’m white and I’ve taken writers workshops.

No writers workshops I know of pay anyone except professors or presenting writers. Few pay them. In graduate programs graduate students who become graduate assistants and teaching assistants get free tuition and sometimes housing in exchange for teaching or doing work for professors that a person being paid to do it would receive 30-40 thousand dollars. They are usually given less than minimum wage and no benefits other than access to the standard student health insurance plan.

MFA programs do separate the wannabe writing workshop group away.

The site of people wasting time in these writers workshops when they could be enjoying their lives otherwise and not feeling bad for what they have done in life hurts!

These books were indispensable in helping me learn about and implement the Writing Workshop.
For over 25 years, our residential has ranked among the finest in the country. Almost half of our attendees have been to Wildacres before. Published, unpublished and talented beginning writers are welcome at Wildacres Writing Workshop, but you must be a serious writer to attend.

These are residential "working" workshops where your manuscript is critiqued and given the attention it deserves. Class sizes are ten or less and leadership is at the Master Class level. All faculty members must meet strict requirements in terms of their education and teaching experience.A is also available for those attending the writing workshop. Total cost for both sessions is $1,260. Dates for both sessions are July 3rd - July 16th.

Because our fee is inexpensive, newcomers are often concerned about the quality of the facility and the writing workshops. Don't be! The beautiful lodge-type buildings blend the comfort of modern living with the beauty of North Carolina's Our workshop costs less because Wildacres Retreat Center is a non-profit and does not allow for-profit organizations to use their facility. Accordingly, Wildacres Writing Workshop is operated on a not-for-profit basis. Before the founding in 1982 of the Young Writers Workshop at the University of Virginia, residential programs for young creative writers didn’t exist.I just wanted to tell you that I just reread your Writers Workshop book. The first time I read it to understand the workshop. This time I read it for the advice to writers, editors, and reviewers and your thoughts on work.We invite you to consider our and our . The serenity of the location is unparalleled. early so you won't miss out!

As a smart alumni, Debbie Daniel, once said, "When you apply for Wildacres, don't worry about the class. Just get in! Don't miss the experience."

Still not convinced? Explore our and see what other writers think about Wildacres Writing Workshop. (Please note: you must be a logged-in member of Facebook to view this page.)Have you been thinking about starting, finding, or improving a dissertation writing group? The Writers Workshop is offering information sessions for dissertation/thesis writers from any discipline. We will talk about best practices for large writing projects, including considerations for organizing a successful writing group..
This is great introductory book on the Writing Workshop. Gives practical information.

The Kenyon Review Writers Workshop

The Writers Workshop is looking for a few exceptional students to join our consultants next year--graduate and undergraduate students from any major.

Anything by Katie Wood Ray is helpful in learning more about the Writing Workshop.

Writers Workshop « The Center for Writing Studies, Illinois

Online writing workshops offer professional writing instruction over the Internet. Like real-world workshops, online workshops generally last for a period of time (usually about six to fourteen weeks) and are developed and taught by experienced writers. Some writers might find online workshops convenient because they often do not consist of scheduled class times—participants usually “log on” at times that are convenient for them, often from their own homes.

Word Circuits hosts the papers from the Hypertext Writers Workshops run by Deena Larsen:

The Writers Circle Creative Writing Workshops

6:30-8:30pm | WRITING WORKSHOP | BETTY WEBB | WRITE THAT NOVEL! | Bestselling mystery novelist Betty Webb hosts a workshop to take you through the novel-writing process, from idea to finished product.