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Shani Raja teaches top journalists how to improve their writing and has written and edited for some of the world's biggest news organizations, including The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Financial Times and Bloomberg News. Shani has also taught advanced writing skills to professionals and edited for leading global companies from Microsoft and IBM to PwC. He also teaches journalism to undergraduates.

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I love Anne Lamott’s, “Bird by Bird”. It’s one of my favorite reads on writing…
You want to write, but you don't. Or perhaps you start, but can't bring yourself to finish, leaving a dozen promising articles or stories in various stages of incompletion. Or perhaps you finish, but can't quite bring yourself to stuff those pages into an envelope and pop them in the mail. Your family, friends, or critique group say your work is wonderful. So what is holding you back?Ironically, this syndrome rarely impairs the clueless, who remain willing to send single-spaced, 40-page, grammatically challenged "short stories" into the market without a second thought. And therein lies the key: A writer must reach a certain degree of competence before s/he can begin to question that competence. And questions of competence lie at the core of "submitter's block."This scenario is far from rare. It isn't the same as the dreaded malady we call "writer's block." It's more like "submitter's block," and I've known many excellent writers who suffer from it. They produce quality work -- stories, novels, articles -- and earn well-deserved praise from peers in critique groups, yet balk at the thought of actually sending that work to market.It would be easy to dismiss this as an issue of "low self-esteem". If that were the problem, however, "submitter's block" would never affect writers who have a relatively high self-esteem -- yet it does. I believe another factor is at work: The issue of "image."The "am I good enough?" question plagues nearly every writer, from newbies to established authors. New writers find the question particularly difficult, because they have less "external information" on which to base an answer. But even if you've sold several pieces, you may feel qualms if you try to break into a different subject area or better-paying market, or to switch from nonfiction to fiction or from short pieces to book-length manuscripts.If your inner "portrait of a writer" doesn't match what you see in the mirror, you doubt your ability to "become" what you imagine a writer to be. This concern is often fueled by interviews with successful writers whose work habits, experiences, and, yes, personal appearances, bear little resemblance to our own. If we don't measure up, how can our manuscripts?
Great copy connects at an emotional level, and Jeff writes from the heart.

The mind of the writer seems to work with unnatural violence.

Funny how an editor (or church elders) can have such an effect upon writing. If you’ve got a new editor, maybe you can start afresh! I haven’t peeked at your blog in a while, either, but one thing I enjoy is that you incorporate good photography and art in your writing.

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There is no writer who could present it in shape for publication.

To the many, many thousands of people who've signed up to my introductory course, SECRET SAUCE OF GREAT WRITING, and had a glimpse of my powerful new writing system, this one is packed with all the cool tactics to shoot you up the learning curve.

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