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thankyou for creating this website i found it very helpful when completing an assignment for graphics on the Sydney Opera House. i only had trouble when comming to write my bibliography as i couldn't find your name and other info i wanted. i'm having another look now so wish me luck!!

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I'm using Chapterbib to write my bibliography separately after each chapter. It does work but bibtex is still giving me plenty of errors and warnings:

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Hello, I was using this site to gin information for a school project, and when I went to write my bibliography I couldn't find the author of the material. I made note of the website, title and year of publishment, but the author really is needed if sources are to be deemed accurate. Kind Regards, Anna.

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Every time you ask yourself “how should I write my bibliography” you have to surf the Internet first, then compile all the information found in order to understand what exactly does your professor expect to receive. We'll try to ease your pain.

Write my annotated bibliography

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PS I live in Vancouver BC, Canada and am starting to write my Bibliography to keep me busy

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