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How to Write Articles. Whether it's for a magazine, newspaper, your teacher, or even wikiHow, writing an amazing article is within grasp. Here are few Sample Newspaper Feature Sample Magazine Feature A t least one of the tasks in Paper 2 will involve something intended title absolutely necessary when article,

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Each writer has to discover their place with words. The process of discovery takes initiative on your part to step out and try. Also it involves getting some rejection but persistence. Maybe you can't write teaching articles but you have a creative bent for teenagers. This process of self-discovery begins with a single step.

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If we are going to spend the time to write an article, lets increase our chances for that article to accomplish what it was created for…Drive Traffic!Here are some tips for writing articles

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You've decided what publication and what type of article you are going to write. What next? Research. One word of caution about research. Make sure you have a specific ending to your research. Some writers spend huge amounts of time in research and never sit down and write the article. How will you collect the information for your article? Will it come from your personal experience? Will you need some stories from other people? Will it involve library research for statistics?This article is an extension of the symposium presented at the 36thEuropean Congress of Cytology (ECC), Istanbul, Turkey: How to write article? CytoJournal perspective! (Symposium# 9).[] This four-part symposium was presented by the editors-in-chief/representative of four of five international, peer-reviewed, premier cytopathology journals. The message by each of the four presenters had an anticipated overlap. This article is a modification and expansion of the CytoJournal point of view. It is published for CytoJournal readership as an exercise in open access charter as requested by some attendees and CytoJournal readers. The CytoJournal portion of the presentation at ECC is also available on web at .Article critiques are absolutely essential to many students looking for a degree or graduate degree in a scientific field. The idea is to read over a published article and then present a summary that culminates in your judgment of whether or not the author proved his point. Because these are such a common learning tool for students, they can be assigned often and by more than one professor. If you feel yourself overwhelmed or just burned out by all the demands to write article critiques, follow the instructions below and make sure you get yours done within three hours.
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Writing an article may not take as long as you think, but it depends on how you look it. There are various factors that can help determine how long it will take you to write an article. Topic selection, gathering supporting data, rewriting and proofreading, and other aspects all play a role in developing a good article worth reading. But, in trying to get your content completed within hours may depend on how the following factors affect your ability to do so:

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Step 3: Write your article. In the Visual View you canwrite posts in exactly the same way as you use a normal wordprocessing package. Write your article in the post content area(see above).

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The final paragraph says how soon you could write the article (give yourself enough time for example, "three weeks from assignment") and says you are enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope and looking forward to their reply. I often send the letter to as many as ten different publications at the same time.