What made you decide to write an eBook?

You can write an ebook, start selling it, and make adjustments, revisions and additions "on the fly" so you can meet the needs and expectations of your audience immediately -- without having to wait for the next edition.

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Thank you very much. I’m now in a better position to write an ebook.

Okay you talked me into it. I’m going to write an eBook.
Before, I was planning on writing a nice, 300 page-long hardback that would probably take 1 year to write and 2 years to get published. But you opened up my mind to my other options.
After reading your Writer’s Manifesto I now see that a good idea doesn’t have to be lengthy and wordy. A short eBook does just as good a job (if not a better one) of getting a point across.

How to Write an Ebook - Amy Lynn Andrews

You have an idea to spread. A story to tell. A message that deserves to be heard. But how do you share it? My advice: write an eBook. It’s easier than ever to use your words to make a difference.

While there are a variety of reasons to write an eBook, here are six that are proven winners.
What is an eBook?
An ebook is a book in electronic format. One of the most popular formats are PDF files, but there are others. Readers can receive ebooks by email or download them off the Internet.

Why Should You Write an eBook?
The electronic age has made it possible for anyone to become a published author. You don't need to hire a publisher or pound the pavement trying to get your book published. You can publish and learn how to write your ebook yourself at minimal cost.It provides excellent insight into what it takes to write an ebook, and how freeing it is once you break through whatever it is that's holding you back.Why Would People Buy an eBook?
Although some people are still weary of purchasing a book that is not in traditional paper format, ebooks are a booming industry. People will buy an ebook when you are offering information not available elsewhere or if they need the information immediately.

What Should You Write About?
First and foremost, it must be a topic you are knowledgeable and passionate about. After that, consider the following in developing your ideas:

~ Information that is time-sensitive or subject to change will likely do well in ebook format. For example, an ebook on Search Engine Optimization is likely more suitable to electronic format than print. Search engines change all the time and by the time a book is put into print, the information may be outdated.

~ Information that satisfies an immediate need or impulse should sell well. This could be an ebook on soothing a colicky infant, for example.

The above two points are not essential to writing a successful ebook, but will certainly go a long way to help in your plan on how to write an ebook.

Do Your Research
Don't start typing until you've done your research. Will people be willing to pay for your information? Is it readily available elsewhere? If it is, could you approach the subject to reach a particular niche?I’ve found that Microsoft Word is the easiest platform to write an eBook. Most people are proficient in using a word processor and the entire process is simple and hassle-free.
Also I can’t decide if I should write an ebook or give away documents such as leases.

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Input : You should write an ebook Ouput: If you are looking for a publisher for your book, you're looking in the wrong place. [For a brief intro to Aphorism Factory, please click here.]

Whatever you do, don't take years to write an ebook, put it on the web and expect to make sales just because it is there!

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Let’s take the example of making money online. Let’s say you write an eBook called How to Make a Million Dollars Per Year. Now, if you make a million dollars per year and think you can teach others how to do the same then that is a very good book to write. If, however, you have never made that money yourself then you really have no authority on the topic. And people will smell it a mile off.

In my previous post, I shared how you can . Today’s tutorial is a similar one: how to write an eBook using Microsoft PowerPoint.

How To Write an eBook for Your Business in 1 Day

If you don't consider yourself to be a writer, you may be tempted to skip this article. But wait! If you have some information and knowledge to share, you CAN learn to write an ebook and sell it for profit.