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As many of you probably know, the Bill for Marriage Equality is in the New York State Senate right now. New Yorkers for Marriage Equality has set up a tool which allows you to write a letter online which will then be hand-delivered to your State Senator. It takes two minutes. Do your little part [...]

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dear lisa-jo,
after reading your post i sat down to write a letter to my sponsored child and have just finished it now…its like a weight has lifted off my shoulders as i always used to agonize over writing which just meant that i never wrote often.
i’ve also just discovered on the compassion UK website that you can register an account and write a letter online and upload 2 photos…which makes it so much easier and straightforward! not sure if the US site does this too???
thank you lisa-jo!

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As you can see, the output of the RTF format letter is not as good as the PDF format letter, which I think is a bug for Niceletter. Do you have any other ways to write a letter online easily?

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a form, write a whole letter and mail it, write a letter online and submit it, etc)

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Write a letter online.

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