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If you use a will writing service from your bank, you should still check for membership of one of these two organisations – writing wills is not covered by the same regulations as bank accounts or investments.

Will writing services can work:

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A will writing service could be a good choice for you if:

Entirely FREE Will Writing Service. Without a Will if the worst happens children may be taken into care whilst social services appoint a guardian. They may have to move house or school, they may not inherit anything.

Working with local authorities, charities, the NHS and schools Dunham McCarthy provide professional Will drafting services entirely free of charge.

Dunham McCarthy is a member of the Institute of Professional Will Writer’s and is able to help parents of children under 18 to make their Wills for free.(Dunham McCarthy usually charge £189)

No additional services are obligatory - Limited Availability.

No Costs, No Catch, No Excuse - Don't Put it Off!

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They have helped thousands of clients and their families with writing a Will and administering Estates. The Will Writing Service is provided by Hugh James for clients domiciled in England and Wales and for clients domiciled in Scotland, Hugh James will work together with law firm Brodies LLP.

The home visit service gives you 5 advantages over an office-based Will Writing service:-
Writing a will is not just about what happens to your money. It's about what happens to your family. Our will writing services can help secure your families future in your own home in less than one hour! Making arrangements to have your Will written could not be easier. We will arrange to meet you in the comfort of your own home at a time convenient to you. We are members of and are regulated by The Society of Will Writers.
As we say on our web site, our will writing service is easy (no forms for you to complete), straightforward, hassle free and excellent value for money ­ (for our limited offer price - normally, only £129 for two wills for a couple or £86 for a single Will). However, should you require more complicated Wills containing trusts then additional charges may apply. See below.

If you have young children (under 18) who you wish to provide for in the event that you (and your partner, if you have one) pass away then we will include in your Will(s) an Accumulation & Maintenance Trust for no additional charge. The Trustees appointed by you can then provide your nominated children's Guardian(s) with sufficient funds to care for your children until they reach 18 or a later age, if you wish, when they can then inherit. From April 2006, if you choose an age later than 18 then additional tax may apply.

If you have a child who is handicapped or some other person who you would like to benefit from your Will who you think may not be able to handle their own financial affairs then you may wish to include a Discretionary Trust.

A protective property trust can be used for two purposes: With personal service, one-to-one advice and a Will drafted individually to suit your personal circumstances and wishes, our Will writing service represents excellent value for money and for a limited time only £43 for a single Will or £64 for a joint Will (normally £86 for a single Will or £129 for two Wills for a couple). So, why go anywhere else?Unite Legal Services’ free and simple will writing service can help you prepare for the future and reduce the stress for loved ones after a death. Our expert solicitors will guide you through the will writing process, explaining the stages clearly to you.
A reduced rate Will writing service is also provided by the NASUWT for members' families.

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At just just £29.50 for a single will or £39.50 for a pair of wills, our will writing service is considerably cheaper than anything offered by wills & probate solicitors and is much more professional than a will writing kit.

A reduced rate Will writing service is also provided by the NASUWT for members' families.

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Premier Solicitors delivers great value and high quality wills through our fixed fee will writing service and if you're looking for even more value find out about our offer.

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Pretty scary stuff and it is so easy to put right.

Contact Legacy Legal Services today for will writing services – making arrangements to have your Will written could not be easier.
In less than an hour, we will answer any questions you may have and then we will take the instructions for your will.