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My Tolkien essays collection. Most of them originate from posts (both mine and others') on Tolkien message boards. I consider none of my essays to be completely finished with nothing left to add - they might be added to or changed if I or others find something relevant to them in our research, or if others provide valuable feedback on them. If you have something to remark on them, please do so and post!

McGuire: Any memorable moments while working on the Tolkien essays?

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Tolkien stressed the importance of creating independent worlds so much that some readers have the impression that his Middle Earth is a wholly original creation. But Tolkien confessed that it is largely derived from his childhood hikes in the English countryside in the counties least touched by industrialism. The climate, topography, and local customs of the Shire and other parts of Middle Earth are unmistakably English.

Tolkien Essays | A Tolkienist's Perspective
Tolkien Essays | A Tolkienist's Perspective

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McGuire: Any memorable moments while working on the Tolkien essays

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