Thanks a million for introducing the support system.

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Thesis Support Information System (TSIS)

Amazing announcement! I hope that the new support system will operate smoothly and fast.

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For students who need help developing ideas for their theses, support may provide the best advice when it comes from people who know the target field, such as classmates, instructors, or experts of whom the student may ask questions, such as employers or consulting services. Students who seek this type of thesis support may dialogue extensively with their helpers until they have identified a useful idea, understood its basic tenets, and begun to research it. Students may build up enough momentum that they then go off on their own and only return to their helpers occasionally to ask a clarifying question.

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For students who need help in the actual writing of their theses, support may come from anyone who is knowledgeable in the rules and art of English writing. In an ideal situation, the thesis support person would not only have a firm grasp on writing but also on the subject area of the thesis, because then he or she could recognize errors in the subject material as well as in the mechanics of writing. However, anyone who has skill in the art of academic writing will probably be able to notice not only the spelling and grammar errors but also the weaknesses in the argument's flow or logic, which can be greatly helpful.

Figure 1. High-level conceptual design of the Thesis Support Information System (TSIS).
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But all thanks to the new support system in place. I hope I will be able to get my queries resolved.

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If a student already has a thesis support group within a graduate school of the university, the same group may be proposed to BIOINT.

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Hi crew, awesome idea. Was happy with the support from the forums and after reading this post can see the benefits to both parties with a dedicated email support line. Will miss the shenanigans on the forums with GodHammer tho. Guy has the patience of a Saint and a wicked sense of humour 😉

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