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If you get fidgety while handling statistical software, you are not alone. There are thousands of students who are well versed in their subject of specialization but lack proper knowledge of statistics. However, applying some tests for analyzing information is a vital part of any research work that you carry out as a part of your masters course. In that case, statistics help for thesis can be your life saver. Thesis Pal helps you to get over all the obstacles related to statistical research by providing complete thesis statistical help.

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For example, take some of the surveys on the Mumbai attacks, since this is a popular topic for manipulating the statistics. Let's say you want to show that the majority of Indian citizens think the government was responsible for this. Assuming it's a real poll and not just made up, the easiest way to get the correct answer is to pick the people you ask. Instead of randomly phoning people, go to a truther rally and ask your questions there. You're virtually guaranteed to get 100% thinking it was the government.

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From the above table, we see that the value of the chi-square test statistic is 37.941 and its corresponding p-value is 0.000. Since the p-value of the test statistic is less than 0.05, there is sufficient evidence to conclude that there is a significant association between 'Incorporating Green Thinking' and 'Satisfied Green Products'.

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Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Air Force Institute of Technology, Dayton, OH

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The reason statistics are so often lambasted by everyone from Navjyot Singh Sidhu to British ex-Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli (), lies in a misunderstanding of the point of statistical analysis. Statistics is only the representation of an empirical fact, a connection between abstract representations of real world concepts. By itself, it can prove nothing except the dry statement of an idealized probability. What the public often overlooks is that correlation does not imply causation. In fact, statistics are silent with regard to the causal connections between events and situations. A survey of the citizens of a certain district which reports widespread discontent and dissatisfaction in various facets "proves" neither that the recent administrative policies were not well-received nor that they were a bad idea nor that the present administration will be voted out if elections are approaching. At best, these may be plausible hypotheses, and if one of them turns out to be wrong, it would be because of additional factors that were not accounted for by the hypothesis, not because of an inherent inadequacy of statistics. When this distinction between fact and hypothesis is obfuscated by unscrupulous opinion makers, or overlooked by the undiscerning audience, statistics become vulnerable to misuse by anyone who can string together an assortment to statistics into a hypothesis that can pass for the "truth".