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By punishing murderers with the death penalty, society is also guilty of committing murder. Therefore, life in prison is a better punishment for murderers.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

There is currently a contentious argument over whether criminals should be imprisoned for committing murders instead of having a capital punishment. I totally agree that offenders ought to spend their lifetime in jails because the punishment of death for a crime does not deter crimes and people have no right to take another human life.

The main reason why I believe that incarceration should be implemented for all sorts of crimes is because the death penalty does not stop humans from committing offences. This is due to the fact that many criminals do not think they will be caught and sure that they are able to get away with it. As well as this, executing prisoners often creates a savage culture, and so it may even boost crime rate.

Another reason why I support the notion that killers have to be put behind bars is due to the fact that our society has no prerogative of committing homicide. This is because human life is valuable, and it must not be destroyed by the offender’s bad conduct.

In conclusion, I absolutely agree that even severe law violators are to be jailed. This is because death sentence is not likely to reduce crime rate, and any person has and inalienable right to life.
Given this situation, it seems that the authorities should provide highly qualified rehabilitation for the accused giving them a chance to make a difference in their consecutive social life in the future and for the public to be certain that risks of repetitive offences are significantly decreased or even totally eliminated.

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Remember that when working on your death penalty essay, you should study and analyze the most important arguments and ideas of both opponents and proponents of capital punishment, regardless of what your own point of view is. Another key factor to keep in mind when writing a persuasive essay on death penalty is the importance of choosing the best and the most effective presentation approach. First of all, you should create your thesis statement to demonstrate the viewpoint or the side you are taking in this public debate. And then you should focus on presenting the arguments, both pro and con ones. You can use the way of presenting the opponent side’s arguments briefly in one of two paragraphs, and then focusing on bringing the ideas and considerations to support your own point of view. Or, you can choose the approach of bringing up one argument of the opponents’ side, followed by bringing up another argument from you side to beat the opponents’ argument. Both approaches can be very effective provided the death penalty essay is written with a great persuasive tone, with a great clarity and passion. Good luck in your work!

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Death penalty, or capital punishment, is the topic that is the most commonly chosen for persuasive essay writing. Lately, there has been a great public polemics unfolding in the most popular public media regarding the necessity to abolish death penalty in those states (currently, 31 states of the US permit capital punishment as a penalty for aggravated murders and sexual assault committed by mentally competent adult people) or those countries of the world (including China, South Korea, India, Iran, Iraq, Belarus, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, and many other) where it is legalized. There are plenty of the opponents, as well as the proponents of death penalty, and both of the sides bring a great number of important arguments in their defense. That is why writing a persuasive essay on death penalty can be a truly interesting assignment. Below, there are some tips and effective recommendations for those who are working on their death penalty essay.

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One of the biggest challenges to writing an against the death penalty essay is that you have to find substantial, factual evidence to support your argument. This can be difficult, especially with so many morally related issues surrounding the death penalty. Remember, you may be able to cite these reasons, but you should still have evidence to support them. For example, one reason you may argue against the death penalty is its inability to rehabilitate prisoners. Perhaps there have been stories of death-row inmates that were rehabilitated, saved and reintroduced to society successfully. No matter what your major points are, make sure you have substantial research and evidence to support each one.

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