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“At this time I was merely contemplating the idea, looking on the internet to see how I would go about gaining funding, how much funding and whether it was even a feasible idea at all. This is where X-Forces came in. I didn’t even have a template for a business plan, never mind a complete one.”

Dynamic PowerPoint Presentation Template for a Business Plan

Description :Gantt Chart Template for a Business Plan

Please find our template for a business plan and a financial plan

Manly Chamber are seeking to build a content hub on our website that enables members to showcase their brands, skillset and knowledge to the greater business and non-business community. This will provide people access to business growth and management resources as well as further shining a spotlight on Manly as a destination for business and tourism.

We are calling on members to submit articles and videos that provide value for other business owners (for B2B members) and the greater community as a whole (for B2C members) that we will then drive across our media channels: Website / E-Newsletters / Social Media and through our media partners.

The key is value. This is not a sales pitch, but rather an opportunity for your business to become an authoritative source of information. Provide tips, hints, pointers and simple solutions. Ask, “What information can I provide to help?”

Submissions can be taken from content you have already created and published elsewhere. Articles should be no longer than 500 words and include two images. Videos should be around three minutes maximum (Existing Youtube links are OK) and complemented by a two paragraph summary. Some examples are:

- A lawyer might discuss why you should have a privacy policy on your website.
- A real estate agent might provide advice for negotiating a sale
- An accountant might discuss the benefits of digital management software like Xero.
- A business coach might provide the template for a business plan.
- A web designer could discuss the things to consider when you are building a website.
- A restaurant might provide the recipe to a popular meal or cocktail.
- A tourism-based company might provide 10 must-do things in Manly.

The list is endless, as long as it is easy to action and provides “lightbulb” advice or insight to readers. We will ensure you and your business receive full credit and link, to showcase your talent and knowledge in this space and elevate your standing within the community (as well as provide Search Engine Optimisation benefits).

Particularly interesting or useful content will then be offered to our media partners - where relevant - the Manly Daily / Covered Magazine / Manly Times / Hello Manly

Stories may be edited and no guarantee of publication is made - although if it fits the above criteria, you can be pretty sure it will be!

Please submit your content to .
Make sure you provide your details and your businesses, including website and contact details. Submissions must be entirely the intellectual property of you or your business and must not infringe any person or entity in any manner.

Any questions, just shout!

Template for a business plan - Free-Plan.

This collection of books, tools, checklists and forms is my personal business toolbox. The Complete Suite is a template for a business plan that works and helps you with your own business, one that helps you expand your life, fortune…and FREEDOM.

This guide contains a template for a business plan and a range of business planning tools
There are several websites which can provide you with a free template for a business plan

they had a CD Rom which was a superb template for a business plan

Get the format right. There's no single ideal template for a business plan, beyond having a start, a middle and an end. But length is important. 'If you are writing a plan for yourself, then by all means make it long, detailed and comprehensive,' says Oliver Woolley of Envestors London. 'But the version you give to others must be much more concise. We believe that you can write a compelling plan in 12 pages.'

The Thumbnail Business Plan™ is, in essence, a template for a business plan Executive Summary

Template for developing a business plan for ..

One handy and free business planning site recommended by several lawyers is maintained by the U.S. Small Business Administration at . There you'll find easy-to-follow instructions for completing a template for a business plan. At each stage the site provides an explanation of what you should include and what anyone reading it should understand. On completing all sections, you'll be able to click a button to generate your own business plan that you can save to your computer and print as you please.

It might be a template for a business plan, an investment proposal or a pitch for a new client

Business Plan Template - Small Business Administration

Every time I’ve set out to start a new business, I have tried to find a basic template for a business plan. I never managed to find one that contained everything that’s needed, presented in a practical way. I finally decided to put one together myself. Here it is. Yours, at no charge.