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However, Diane Davis, a professor of rhetoric at Iowa, isenthusiastic about the combination of technology and writing. Sheencourages her students to publish their writing on the Web as a way ofexpanding their understanding of who the reader is.

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Integrating Technology and Writing Composition

1. Talk about one technology that you feel as though you could never live without. Is it television? Text messaging? The game Pong? Detail your obsession with this technology and write about a week in which it is taken away from you.

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Parette, Howard P.; Hourcade, Jack J.; and Peterson-Karlan, George R., "A review of assistive technology and writing skills for students with physical and educational disabilities" (2008). Faculty Publications - College of Education. Paper 3.

Integrate technology and writing into instruction simultaneously with this engaging writing program.
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September 2010
A Congressional briefing on digital writing featured a panel of Writing Project teachers who explained how they use technology and digital writing to improve learning.

Christina Haas argues that "technology and writing are not distinct.

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Students who need academic support are able to use the Academic Tutors who work out of the ATLC. Students are provided assistance with their writing through this program. The focus is improving student's library literacy, technology and writing skills. Funding is provided through a federal grant from the Department of Education TRIO program.

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The Western Massachusetts Writing Project’s technology initiative project, Making Connections: Technology, Writing, and Community, is designed to help teachers tap into the power of technology to improve writing instruction and to create online learning communities for themselves and their students. Moving into its third year, the project is being revamped to establish a viable infrastructure of technology support networks and professional development opportunities for the Western Massachusetts Writing Project (WMWP) and surrounding school districts through the establishment of a new WMWP Technology Team. The emphasis of the team is on using technology and writing across the various content areas, including science and math, and a Technology Across the Curriculum Conference is being held in Spring 2008 at a local school site. The Making Connections project and the work of the Technology Team will also be the foundational component for the development of a university-based course for teachers.