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We produce very detailed technical reports. These productsare necessary to provide sufficient detail to allow independentreplication of our analysis (essential for credible science), but theyare overwhelming to the general public. Yet, many watershed groupslist among their goals: the dissemination of information. To helpfacilitate these goals, we develop non-technical reportsummaries. These provide overviews of the monitoring process and thefindings in a nice, friendly readable format. they are usually 5-15pages in PDF format...

Scientific and Technical Report No. 21

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Scientific and Technical Report No. 24

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NDT personnel write technical reports for two primary purposes. Technical reports are used to communicate information to customers, colleagues and managers, and they are used to document the equipment and procedures used in testing or research and the results obtained so that the work can be repeated if necessary or built upon. The content and style of technical reports vary widely depending on the primary purpose and the audience. Many companies and organizations have developed their own standard format. The sections generally included in technical reports are shown to the right.

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* Several of the technical reports contain complex figures and mathematical equations that may not be accessible to those using assistive technology (such as a screen reader or other adaptive tool). For help in interpreting figures and formulas, e-mail and include the web address and/or publication title in the message.The Computer Laboratory has published a Technical Reportseries (ISSN 1476-2986) since 1974. Technical reports are intendedprimarily for the long-term archival of results and descriptions thatare not suitable for publication elsewhere, due to their length ornature. Technical reports are also the most common way to make aComputer Laboratory PhD thesis widely available. Most newer technicalreports, in particular all published since 2002, are in PDF.Technical reports on the analysis of water quality data andon collected environmental data can be submitted for peer review orpublished. We can assist in getting your environmental study reportspublished in the appropriate peer-reviewed publications to lendfurther credibility to your research, reporting, and environmentalpolicies.Technical Report 1 is an study of the structural system of The Residence. In addition to this, a calculation of the gravity, snow, wind, and seismic loads are included. Lastly, spot checks of typical structural members were check to confirm the support of gravity loads.
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Technical Report Writing Guidelines

The ability to write clear, concise reports is an asset to almost any professional. In this article I offer some general guidelines on report writing, focusing particularly on something I call the 'standard model'. This standard model is a formalisation of the way that scientific reports have usually been written over the last fifty years or so. While the standard model has its detractors, and is often used inappropriately, it still has a lot to recommend it. I normally suggest to students who don't have much writing experience that they follow this model unless they have good reasons not to. In this article I will also try to explain we recommend that reports are written in a particular way. The main purpose of a technical report is to convey information. The report should place as few hindrances as possible between the mind of the writer and the mind of the reader. A secondary function is to stimulate and entertain. There are people — a tiny minority — who can inform and entertain at the same time. If, like most people, you have to make a choice between the two, you should try to inform rather than to entertain. Of course, if you were writing a novel the priorities would be reversed; but in report writing it is the information that is paramount.

Technical Reports address specific applications of the science of chemical risk assessment.

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The WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization views and recommendations are published in the WHO Technical Report Series (TRS). They provide updated information on the establishment, discontinuation and replacement of the WHO International Biological Reference Preparations as well on the adoption of Guidelines and Recommendations.

Since 2009, Technical Reports include:- Monographs- Technical Reports - Documents

Guide to Technical Report Writing

The National Technical Information Service is the primary clearinghouse for federal government technical reports. Its National Technical Reports Library (NTRL) database is available free to the public in a limited Quick Search mode (registration required). It provides access to about 800,000 full text reports as well as over two million bibliographic records since 1964. Non-digitized reports must be purchased directly from NTIS and can't be requested via interlibrary loan. Limit of 5 downloads per session.