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District and school websites are ubiquitous, particularly in view of the reporting requirements on student achievement. For example, in California, a law was passed that dictates the type and quality of achievement data that must be reported and most districts report this via website. This is nice, but how are districts, schools, and teachers using websites for instructional purposes? In this post I will present two websites in some detail, but at the end of this post is a list of several websites that may be used as resources for your planning.

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I hope these suggestions might inspire some new way to include technology in your classroom this year. For more great teaching websites, see the full article at .

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The site offers a variety of useful resources for teaching political science. Resources include teaching websites, Online Textbooks, Syllabi, Key Issues, Journals, Simulations and Games, Listservs, Articles on Teaching, etc.

The best things in life are free. Well, this collection of teaching websites is, at least.
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The work of the three initial teacher educators included extensive use of video documentation and annotation. They videotaped classroom discussions of and students’ responses to multimedia teaching websites. One teacher educator, Pam Grossman, also videotaped practices that novice teachers learned from the websites. The next set of participants followed this example of using video to show what their students learned in the classroom and did in their teaching placements. KML thus worked closely with Quest to extend the Toolkit’s ability to upload and display video in a format that provided information about the context of the video.

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