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The second two weeks are spent on Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. We begin by comparing and contrasting the two summer reading novels with Pride and Prejudice, which is a novel they have read in a previous year. In this we focus on structure (form) and purpose (function) of the novel, which will help them in their analysis of this and future text. We continue with more reading dialogues and activities, and then a scaffolded revision of their Summer Reading Essay over Adventures of Huckleberry Finn where they receive feedback from the teacher. We finish with a second Socratic Seminar, and a final independent Timed Writing Essay where they show their transfer of thematic textual analysis and AP timed writing skills.

2015 First-Year Summer Reading Essay Contest

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Entering the class, students interested in pursuing the honors option are expected to have read one of the novels on the standard summer reading list and The Kite Runner, which will take the place of the choice book. In addition, honors option students are required to view the 2007 film version of The Kite Runner. When school starts in September, students who read The Kite Runner will hand in a persuasive essay arguing which is better, the film or novel version of The Kite Runner. In addition, their standard summer reading essay should meet higher standards of quality, development, and insight. Students who do not come in having completed the honors summer reading assignment, can still pursue the honors option, but they must read The Kite Runner, as it ties into to a thematic unit during the year.


Sixteen students participated in the Frost Summer Reading Essay Contest after being part of a group of over 50 that did outstanding work on their Summer Reading assignment. The 5 and 6th graders were asked "What special places have books brought you while reading?" and 7th and 8th graders were asked "If you could only recommend one book to someone, what would it be?"

All first-year students are invited to enter the First-Year Summer Reading Essay Contest.
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(From left): Andrena Haynes of Shreveport, Elizabeth Cooley of Monroe, and Nick Alford of Hammond, winners of the Summer Reading Essay awards.

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A summer reading essay is a writing assignment based on a book that a student is assigned to read

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