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The thesis statement shapes the general point of the essay in the tersest manner. It establishes the scope of the theme, and designates the structure of the essay. The thesis works as a manual or guide for the entire essay, providing the readers of what you going cover and the approach you will use to support your points.

Once you have the basic structure of your essay, fill in the gaps.

7. Illustrate the structure of the essay and provide comments. Give examples where needed.

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This is perhaps the most commonly neglected element of structured writing. It concerns the paragraphs into which your prose is organized. Each paragraph should focus on one main point. The point of each paragraph should build on that in the previous paragraph, and create the foundations of the next. Each paragraph should be a necessary part of the overall structure of your essay.


I find that a useful mental exercise is to boil down the arguments of each paragraph, one after the other, into single sentences. Then, put all these sentences together into a consecutive narrative, looking to see whether each sentence can be made to flow naturally from the sentence previous to it, and into the sentence following. This will highlight any major structural problems. If you are not able to boil down each of the paragraphs into a single sentence summary (however simplistic), then the offending paragraphs most likely need to be rewritten more clearly. If there are gaps or non-sequiturs when you put the one sentence summaries together, then the meso-structure of your essay needs to be re-organized, by cutting and pasting paragraphs, or by introducing new paragraphs to fill the gaps, or deleting old paragraphs that detract from the flow of your argument.

Key features of essay writing: the purpose and structure of essays, and the writing process.
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Structure of essays: the macro, the meso and the micro

The purpose of an essay should be more than a simple description of parts of the material that has been studied. It is about analysing and evaluating the ideas that you find in your studies. This means an essay requires you to show your understanding of the ideas by breaking them down into their component parts. Essays can also encourage you to explore a topic or issue using ideas. In the introduction to an essay the student may tell the reader what will be covered. The conclusion of an essay is often a simple summary of the preceding arguments. Arguments in this context are not heated battles but a set of reasoned points of view that help the reader to better understand the issue being written about. Finally, the structure of essays and reports is different. An essay may use some headings but will rarely use sub-headings.

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Finally, the structure of essays and reports is different

3. Essay plans. Peer-assessment of essay plans can widen learners' horizons about different ways of brainstorming the content and structure of essays. It takes almost as much creative thinking to design the content of an essay plan as it would to produce the final essay, so peer-assessing such plans helps students to share a lot of ideas in a relatively short time.

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This research contributes to the fields of applied linguistics and education in several ways. Firstly, the models developed not only give insights into the generic structure of the essays students write in the English Department at Dhaka University, but they could also function as a starting point for other researchers working with similar texts. Secondly, the analyses of the high and low grade essays explain how some features of writing are more highly valued than others in this context. Thirdly, the study has pedagogical implications that can benefit students and teachers who would use genre based approach to teaching language and literature essay writing. Fourthly, this research demonstrates a multi-method approach to genre analysis which brings out complementary and sometimes contradictory perspectives on the same written products. Fifthly, it can help university planners and policy makers to consider the relationship between main discipline courses and support courses and minimise any gaps. Finally, it can raise awareness among the global applied linguistics community about the kind of student writing produced in contexts such as the English Department of Dhaka University.