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There is little doubt that Steve Jobs possesses an extraordinary degree of sheer business acumen, but of equal, if not greater importance is the fact that his leadership skills have proven to be indispensable. One can make the solid argument that leadership skills for Steve Jobs are just as important as understanding of the circuitry required to bring computers alive.

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Steve Jobs was widely known for being the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Apple Company, and was often considered to be a genius and a true leader. It is the general idea that he was an extraordinary person who was immensely admired by fans of Apple products and many other people, whose lives were somehow influenced by his products. Moreover, Steve Jobs possessed charisma that influenced his leadership style and resulted in his obvious success. Therefore, Steve Jobs was believed to have a charismatic leadership style, according to Weber’s definition of charismatic leadership, in which he states that a charismatic leader usually exhibits a distinctive behavior in having a vision, being charismatic, intellectually stimulating people who follow him, and inspiring and motivating people to go beyond the limits of expectations. In addition, charismatic leaders constantly look for change and improvement, thus, creating innovation, and influencing progress. All the above mentioned qualities relate to Steve Jobs’ personality and leadership style. Therefore, one can consider Steve Jobs a true charismatic leader and one of the most influential leaders of the 21st century (Isaacson 15).

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