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We have Statistics Research Project Materials for the below Project Topics. Each of our Project Materials include: Abstract, Proposal(where applicable), Introduction, Literature Review, Conclusion, Recommendation, References/Bibliography, Questionnaires, Chapter 1 to 5. Click on 'Any Of The Following Topics' to view its "Table of Content + Chapter One" free.

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A number of statistical fans attended our first and second meetings. Soon, we’ll be starting the MaineSABR Sabermetrics sub-group. Hopefully, we’ll meet a few times a year and discuss modern and historical baseball statistics and discuss our statistics research projects.

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UROP is a great way to get an introduction to research during the first two years at University of Michigan. See the for more information. For the most part, Statistics research projects require foundational preparation in statistics, mathematics and computer programming. Sometimes, first year students have sufficient preparation through AP courses and other experiences. Otherwise, it may be appropriate to take introductory statistics, computer programming and calculus courses in the first year to be ready for a second year UROP project.

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Statistics research projects must be approved in advance by the student's advisor

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Business Statistics II Research Project Due Date for Summer 2015: Mon., Aug. 3 (Last revised July 22, 2015) BUS 272 Research Project Proposal form

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This paper explores the use of visualization through animations, coined visuanimation, in the field of statistics. In particular, it illustrates the embedding of animations in the paper itself and the storage of larger movies in the online supplemental material. It presents results from statistics research projects using a variety of visuanimations, ranging from exploratory data analysis of image data sets to spatio-temporal extreme event modelling; these include a multiscale analysis of classification methods, the study of the effects of a simulated explosive volcanic eruption and an emulation of climate model output.

This work is partially supported by National Statistics Research Projects Grant #2009LY051 to Zhiqiang Ma

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