4. Click on the ‘Source Citation’ option to add a source citation.

I have briefly touched on this issue in other posts. You can read my previous posts about source citation by clicking on the category “Source Citations” in the sidebar on the right. But here I would like to address this question more directly, and provide examples.

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You can find the “Genealogy Source Citation Quick Reference” card at .

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I have discussed source citations so many times in this blog, from several different perspectives. In the course of addressing the Genealogical Proof Standard, I am once again drawn to discuss the subject of source citation.

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I want to be clear that I am using Thomas as an example in this post because he is a leader in the geneablogging community. I am not picking on him at all. I know that he does use source citations in his own research. Most of his blog posts in Geneabloggers do not contain any facts that would need citations.

Thomas posted twice on the subject of source citations during this fall 2010 initiative:
At the bottom of each full-text article you will find a "Source Citation." These citations provide available publication data for the document cited and should serve only as a guide and not as a replacement for the latest style manual recommendations or those required by your instructor. Consult your instructor for specific bibliographic style preferences required of your written work. Below is an example of a short full-text article and the accompanying source citation at the bottom.To see the above tips in action, browse through the sample essays in the later chapters of this manual, where you will find ample evidence of how other writers met their source citation challenges. For further detail about source citation practices, you can also go to .Although many personal statements will not include any citation of sources, in some cases—particularly if your work is in the sciences and you need to provide a brief literature review—you will need to cite sources at the end of your essay in a “References” section. Chapter 1 discusses the ethical concerns associated with source citation as you write personal essays (see section). To address the more practical problem of citation mechanics, below are ways to address common mechanics challenges:Realtors have an axiom -- location, location, and location. The genealogical corollary to that is -- documentation, documentation, and documentation . Family group sheets, GEDCOM files and any other form used to share genealogical information should be as fully documented as formal manuscripts. Even those who have no intention of submitting their work to a journal or of publishing a book will swap information with "genealogy cousins." Thus, it is essential that the software you use to record your work handles source citations well.Secondary source citations are not just for direct quotations. For instance, when referencing Rogers's adult learning theory, if you did not find the information in Rogers, your citations for the material should be in secondary source format.Citing online or other technology sources is a special case, although the basics still apply. Remember that the implied factors for traditional source citations do not apply and we must be literal to help others find the work.
I discuss source citations in this blog a lot. I know. I just can’t help it.

click on the source citation option to add a source citation

A proper source citation for a record is the equivalent of an address and phone number for a person. Every address and phone number must include certain elements, if people are to successfully contact the party they seek.

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In both our personal notes and the work we make public, our source citations should include that interpretative data. In short, once we refer researchers to a specific source, we are obligated to alert or caution them, as they may be less experienced with the materials.

Here is where you tell Reunion how you want your source citations and source details to appear in reports.

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The authority record also serves as a permanent record of the rationale for proposing the heading. Catalogers use the source citations of approved headings to understand what the headings mean and how they should be used. Catalogers also use the citations to assist them when considering whether to propose another heading.