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There are no specific guidelines for designing your slide presentation, except that your slides should be in Powerpoint format.

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The slide presentation uses a PowerPoint slide show file format with macros enabled.

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Our PowerPoint templates are compatible with all versions of PowerPoint 2000 and later as well as any program that uses pot or jpg files. Creative presentation templates have a second non-text slide. Standard templates contain print & title masters. All images are royalty free for your use, they can be used in a commercial project with content added. But not resold in any way! Each group of PowerPoint Templates averages 20 megabytes and can be downloaded with a broadband or dial-up connection. SlideAlchemy presentation backgrounds can also be used as desktops or wallpapers.

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Develop your slide presentation using these Gems and I guarantee it will be absolutely, positively – NO SWEAT!

“Clinical trials” is a PowerPoint slide presentation for patients or a lay audience. The presentation covers:
Your presentation is important to you and to the attendees of the Symposium. Please follow these basic groundrules to ensure that your slide presentation is attractive and legible. The best talk is an effective mix of verbal and visual elements. Illustrate what you cannot verbalize, what would take too long to describe, or what you want to emphasize. Use slides to hold attention, illustrate, clarify, restate, explain and interpret. By adding illustrations to your words, you add understanding to what you are saying and generate interest in your presentation.
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Want to try it? The steps below walk you through building a simple hidden-slide presentation, using techniques that can be easily adapted to your own materials.

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Although there are several methods for making slide presentations in LaTeX, the beamer system is most widely used. With this system it's possible to make a presentation in just a few minutes.

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When you move the mouse cursor across the slide, an icon will appear in the lower left-hand corner of the window. Clicking that icon reveals a dialog box which allows you another means of moving forward and backward in the presentation (or ending it altogether) and selecting which slide you wish to view. You can also select a colored "pen" that allows you to make marks on the slide. This is especially useful for instructors who wish to highlight certain elements on the slide presentation. You can leave the pen "selected" as you move from slide to slide using the space-bar.