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The need for good static references could become an issue with your similarities and differences essay. People will not likely take your statements, and much less your claims, at their face value. And whether they do or not, unsupported premises can do little to convince your proctor of the factualness of your report. The validity, longevity and the credits that your stands to get will be greatly based on the authoritativeness of you sources and their availability for confirmation. Many an excellent similarities and differences essay has been trashed for lack of valid supportive evidence.

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The name of this is practically the structure and format of the essay itself.
Prerequisite for accomplishing a credible similarities and differences essay is, naturally, having an adequate knowledge concerning the that you will be comparing. Naturally, research and/or experiment might have be done, the results of the research synthesized, and the conclusions appropriately drawn for each one of the similar and dissimilar points you will be covering. The next step you would probably need to take is to assemble all the ideas you have gathered in outline form, grouping the similarities together and the differences separately. After that you would go on ahead and fill in the content into the . For your initial draft, just make sure all your data are adequately treated and in the proper logical order. At this point, the last you need is the expertise to rewrite and reword your.

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Next you have to create the body of your essay; you can do this by adopting two different approaches:
• Subject-by-subject, you write all of A then all of B
• Point-by-point, you discuss each point alternatively
If you feel that your points on A and B are not equal and outnumber the other, you then first describe about one in one paragraph and about other in other paragraph. But if you feel that your points are equal you go by point by point method. Care must be taken that you don’t create a grapevine while following the later method, as it is very likely that when you follow this method points can muddle up with each other if you don’t give proper distinction between your points. You should write in way that your ideas flow from one to other. If you have more to say then you can devote whole paragraph to each point, but if you don’t have that much to say then discuss two or three points in one. There are no hard rules that you have to follow while organizing your similarities and differences essay. You just see that the transition is clear in your essay and reader does not loose track of what is he reading. Read more on the following topics: , , and .

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Help with Writing Similarities and Differences Essays. The name of this type of essay is practically the structure and format of the essay itself.

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