so I’m looking at short story publishers (fantasy)

Last week we talked about the process of getting your short story published. This week we’re going to talk about the NUMBER ONE tool every short story author needs!

How (& Where) to Get a Short Story Published

List of Fiction Short Story Publishing Companies | eHow

List of Fiction Short Story Publishing Companies

I’ve been asked to contribute to an anthology through my writing group, and they’ve also given me the honor of penning the introduction. Is this worth mentioning if/when I submit a novel or short story to publishers?

Is Your Short Story Publisher-Friendly

I think it could help, but I would write a short story if/because you like writing short stories and not as a way to increase your odds of getting a novel published. I think it’d take a significant amount of work to get a short story published (50+ hours?) and, assuming a novel is your overriding goal, I think that those hours would be better-spent rewriting your novel manuscript and query and/or perhaps premarketing the story*.

*I’m not sure how viable premarketing is for every author, though. In my case, I have nonfiction articles for writers and then occasionally post links to . (When it comes out, one person will win a free copy and everybody else will get an e-mail letting them know where they can buy it). I feel that my TTMD proposal might look more attractive to publishers if I already have hundreds or thousands of prospective customers lined up.

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Are ‘professional publications’ only book and short story publishers? Does art for computer or desktop games count? Do movie posters count? Does concept art commissioned for any of the above count?Last week we talked about the process of getting your short story published. This week we’re going to talk about the NUMBER ONE tool every short story author needs!But where to find your new digital penny dreadful? Well, we've gathered together a list of three free short story publishers to fill your iPhone with hard-hitting tales of mystery, excitement and adventure. Also, this should be of interest to aspiring writers out there - these are great places to get your stuff out to the world.Get a short story published and you can officially go around telling the WORLD that people OTHER than your mom actually LIKE your writing! WHOA! I’m kind of kidding, but I’m also kind of serious. That fact–that it wasn’t only my mom (and family and friends) who thought I was a good writer–was what made me the happiest when I first got a published. That was a really BIG deal to me. And it gave me the confidence to work even harder to improve.
20lines Aims To Simplify Short Story Publishing, Sharing, And Reading

English lecturer has short story published in ELLE magazine

Targeted more toward the aspiring writer, than the established scribe, Movellas aims to blend the worlds of short story publishing with social networking. And it does so with great success.

Getting My First Short Story Published In Print

Short Story Publishing in Magazines

If you’re writing a novel, I’d recommend submitting it to a rather than one of these short story publishers. For an adult novel, you could go maybe as short as ~65,000 words. I doubt most short story publishers would even look at a story longer than 10,000 unless you queried in advance.

Misc: there's an interesting article about online short story publishers here

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For one thing, it’s much easier to place short fiction right now than it is to place a novel. While print publications that publish short stories are diminishing, digital and audio short fiction platforms are flourishing. There’s far less risk involved in publishing a short story, especially digitally, so such publications and web sites are far more likely to take a chance on a new writer. Once you’ve had a few short stories published, you’ll be in a much stronger position to pitch your novel. Not only will the list of publications and web sites that have published your work sound impressive in your query letter, you’ll have legitimately built a fan base who will be motivated to purchase your first novel. You may also be able to leverage your relationships with your short story publishers and editors