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Self paced online courses have many advantages for many types of people. If you are self-motivated, you make a great candidate for such online college courses. Start changing your future today.

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-Don't really understand the question. My current attitude is that it was a success and a great convenience to me.
-I am hopeful other class/course material will be made available for distance learners where attending campus classes is logistically difficult. As a part-time student managing a full time job, SPOC classes are the best solution for continuing education.
-I liked it
-I liked the on line class. Hopeful it survives and grows
-I thought it was very informative
-I thought the class was great for a mom of a 1 year old with a full time job
-It was a useful tool to help me keep my job last semester in career-tech
-It worked well for me and I am hopeful it will continue and improve over time. Overall, I thought it was the best for my schedule.
-It works with my schedule
-My course was well planned out and easy to access and understand. This gives me hope that more learning opportunities might be available for the busy adult.
-Self Paced Online Courses have been relatively accommodating for me. There's no pressure and whenever I may need help, the professor can be contacted through email or phone call.
-SPOC courses make it easier for me to complete the necessary courses. I work a full-time job and a part-time job. SPOC courses do not make feel rushed and able to do my best and have a better understanding of what I am learning.
-Thankful it was offered and available.
-The choices given were a poor assessment of my attitude. I am THANKFUL for the SPOC class and the instructor.
-They were helpful, meaningful, and I learned from the experience
-Very informational. I like that I am able to review all information at my leisure as well as ask questions. I always received a timely response/assistance.

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Other restrictions exist, as well. High school students often require written consent from their high schools to be able to enroll in such programs. These courses are not always restricted to seniors, so if you are a junior, you should speak with someone about your options. Taking self paced online courses does not necessarily mean you are enrolled in a degree program, and if you are enrolled in a degree program, you might be required to receive special permission from various sources such as your career advisor, the dean of your degree program, or another suitable decision maker. Each of the online colleges may have a different set of regulations pertaining to self paced online courses. Also, while you are able to complete these online college courses at your own pace, other educational institutions may require you to complete such courses prior to being allowed to taking any other online courses from their higher learning institution. You should speak with your educational institution about their allowances and restrictions.

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Self paced online courses may seem to have tremendous flexibility. They also have a tremendous amount of stipulations for people who wish to pursue such online courses.

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