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Participation list for courses in 2015-2016 is open for enrollment.
You can subscribe for participation in a course year. Before the start of every edition of the Scientific Writing course, we will notify all the listed applicants by e-mail. You can then indicate whether you will actually participate in the that particular edition.

K-RITH | Scientific Writing Course

Scientific Writing Course Tuesdays, October 11-December 6, 2011 4:00-6:00pm Room 252 BRB II/III

Scientific Manuscript Writing Course

The Office of Graduate Education and the CTSI are pleased to offer a unique course designed to teach mentors to effectively and efficiently develop their protégés as scientific writers and to teach protégés the basics of scientific writing. This course is taught by Constance D. Baldwin, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics. She has doctoral training in English and has taught scientific writing courses here at URMC and at many other universities around the country.

Scientific Writing Course | University of Battambang

Our convenient, interactive six-module online scientific writing course relies on critical thinking, as well as practical strategies, to help your team plan, write, and revise any scientific document.

Welcometo the Home Page of Debra Biasca, instructor of scientific writingcourses for the Department of Physics.
I had a dream to be perfect in science writing! Furthermore, scientific writing is just a significant skill for people who persuade their graduate education!
When I first came to the States, I only had to learn English in a year and a half, as my scholarship conditioned, within which I must have both my TOEFL and GRE done! Besides getting an acceptance from any American university. That actually hindered my ambition, so I frustrated with my GRE analytical writing. I ended up focusing on just the minimum due to time limitation. I eventually gave a little hope of getting scientific writing course at the university that has accepted me. However, they do not offer such courses, so that I am forced to take English 3003, which is mainly about writing for business purposes!
I wish you offer such helpful tips from time to time. Because in general, I got my hope again with reading your article! Keep it up! Thank you!
Basic Scientific Writing Course - Training@IRRI

Scientific Writing Course - EASE

This year, Scriptoria gave its first course commissioned by the University of Portsmouth. Our expert writing trainers delivered a one-day scientific writing course to research staff working in a range of scientific fields.

students who matriculated in Fall 2014 and thereafter must take a scientific writing course

Scientific Writing Course 2013 - bsuec

I have been using Rationale for several years now in Scientific Writing courses that I run for postgraduate students at the National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore. Rationale is mainly focussed on teaching people how to think clearly about contentious issues, and has very successfully popularized a diagrammatic method of argument development.

The latest course on Grant writing skills is rivalling the Scientific Writing course in interest

14th Annual Scientific Writing Course - ARS-SGC

The scientific writing courses are presented by and Dr Bill Parker. Dr O'Connor has a PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Melbourne and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at CSIRO. She has published numerous academic papers and popular science articles and has worked for scientific journals as an editor. She has also worked as a technical writer.