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Throughout this article you’ll come across recommendations to download a sample descriptive essay. Pay a close attention to this option because writing a winning essay is difficult and time-tacking without examples of descriptive essays. Note that solving this challenging descriptive essay rubric and, thus, earning an A is not easy as it seems. Composing a mediocre piece is easy, yes. But a really breath-taking and comprehensive work is developed using a good example of a descriptive essay.

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A simple internet search can help to you find many examples of papers. Try a search like ‘sample descriptive essay’ and look for results with a .edu address, as they are more likely to be good sources. Specifically, you should look for sample papers from university of high school writing centers, as many of them also include an explanation of what the paper should include, and what makes a great paper. If your school has a writing center, you should also consider dropping by and asking if they have any sample papers there.

This is a two page sample descriptive essay about a man mowing the lawn.
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