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An advanced graduate student from one of EP&E’s affiliate departments will serve as a senior essay consultant, available to essay writers for consultation on the formulation of research questions, integrating normative and positive analysis, working with data and evidence, and drafting and revising essays.

From First Draft to Final Draft: How to Revise an Essay

Revising an essay is not an easy task

Revising an essay can be tricky

Evaluate Lesson: Did the lesson keep students engaged in the revision process at all times? Were there types of revisions that were easier for students to complete? What was the most difficult revision for students to complete?

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Here are several things to do. But don’t try them all at one time. Instead, focus on two or three main areas during each revision session.
Once you write a complete draft of your essay, you revise it--adding material, deleting material, and making corrections. You wordprocess or handwrite a draft which incorporates all your changes and corrections. You then continue the revision process--you revise your paper again...and then again...and then mayberevise it some more, even if you are sick of working on the paper. Now you are readyto hand in your paper.Revise your paper with a red ink pen, correcting any mistakes you encounter, and reworking each paragraph to make your essay stronger. The more times you revise your essay, the better it will turn out in the end. Directions:
1. Lead a discussion on the writing process. Emphasize the importance of a logical sequence, descriptive writing, attention to detail, and inclusion of key elements. Tell students to let their personalities show in their writing. If possible, provide examples from literature. For example, one can clearly see that Jack London's personality differs from Mark Twain's. Remind students that writing an essay affords them the opportunity to use their imaginations. They should be inventive and original. Even when drawing on their own experiences, they should portray those experiences in a new and interesting way.

2. Distribute copies of (Grades 7-12) Student Reproducible (PDF) and have students review the writing and editing tips.

3. Allow students time to write their essay drafts.

4. Once students have completed their essay drafts (on the topic, Why does your teacher deserve a classroom makeover?), allow time for revision. Divide the class into groups of two. Have students share their essays with their partner. Based on the feedback they receive, have students revise their essays for clarity, purpose, and tone.

5. Have students proofread their essays, fixing errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Next, you'll want to revise your work. Revision is especially important in persuasive writing—you want to be certain that you've presented the most compelling argument possible. This is the time to make sure that what you've written is easy to read, factual and above all, convincing. Remember, revising your work doesn't involve making changes to spelling, grammar, or punctuation (we'll get to that in the next step). Instead, the revision process concentrates on the content alone.
Students often don't take the revision process seriously when working on an essay

Guidelines on how to revise an essay

If you are able to, I also recommend that you take your drafts (along with the relevant) assignment guidelines) to the These centers have trained tutors who can help you fulfill the requirements of your writing assignment, identify problem areas, and help you to edit and revise your essays without doing the work for you. Ultimately, your revision process and the final draft are your own responsibility. Don't rely on anyone else, including the professor of the course, to point out everything that needs to be fixed, improved or reorganized.

After you have revised your essay, reread your draft

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