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On Tuesday, May 12, 2015, the three finalists, predominantly apparel and jewelry businesses, presented their retail business plans to four judges, and the three student winners received prizes of $1,500, $700 and $500.

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 Is Additional Money Needed? Suppose at this point that your business needs more money than can be generated by present sales. What do you do? If your business has great potential or is in good financial condition, as shown by its balance sheet, you will borrow money (from a bank most likely) to keep the business operating during start-up and slow sales periods. The loan can be repaid during the fat sales months when sales are greater than expenses. Adequate working capital is needed for success and survival; but cash on hand (or the lack of it) is not necessarily an indication that the business is in bad financial shape. A lender will look at your balance sheet to see the business's Net Worth of which cash and cash flow are only a part. The balance sheet statement shows a business's Net Worth (financial position) at a given point in time, say at the close of business at the end of the month or at the end of the year. Free Retail Business Plan How To.

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Using , you can write your own custom retail location business plan tailored specifically to your needs. Use this sample as a model: the pages are completely customizable, so you can add your own text and logo. To change the look, just choose a different Proposal Pack design - this retail location business plan sample is included in all Proposal Packs. You can also expand on this sample by adding more topics from the Proposal Pack.

Retail Business Plan
Retail Business Plan

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The plan includes detailed 12-month and 3-year Financial Forecasts for Sales, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheet, with complete sections on: The Retail Store Business Plan is an indispensable guide to launching and operating a successful retail store business.

Retail Business Plan

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Bahng plans to make the contest an annual event, open to all students. “We hope to grow this retail business plan contest, gaining more sponsorships and support from our community, so that more students can benefit from it. We would love to see participants in this contest become successful business owners and come back as our community leaders and supporters in the near future,” she said.