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The academic publications that you will use in your degree will contain references and a bibliography that allows you to pursue a particular issue raised: your essays should similarly be properly referenced and contain a full bibliography. Various systems of referencing are used in academic publishing, and in this Department we use the Harvard System. An important skill that graduates are expected to have is the ability to follow guidelines. Referencing an essay, and laying out a bibliography is a good example, and a failure to follow these guidelines when preparing assignments will be penalised, and could even lead to a charge of plagiarism.

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"The film begins by situating the pontificate of Francis in a wider historical context, referencing an essay written by the German theologian Fr Karl Rahner, SJ - one of the most influential Catholic thinkers of the 20th century, Fr Thomas said from Toronto.

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How to Reference Essays. Creating a list of references for an essay will depend upon which reference style you will be using, as each has its own formatting method.

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