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Write a 500 word reference essay addressing the topic:
“With reference to the literature and your own nursing practice, write an essay discussing how this course will enhance your clinical knowledge and skill to practice community nursing”.

How to Write & Reference an Essay

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If you must learn how to reference an essay properly, we can’t skip this section on how to reference articles, since many times students quote journals, magazines and newspapers as part of their research work. When you are listing a journal article, you must provide the readers the name of the author(s), the year the article was published, the title of the actual journal article, then the name of the journal and volume number in italics (or underlined), and finally the pages the articles is on.

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At the end of your essay, you should include a reference section: that is, a list of all the sources quoted or referenced in the essay. Arrange the list alphabetically by author’s surnames. Remember to follow the given directions on how to reference essays with different types of sources, such as books, newspaper articles or electronic sources. If the article was written by more that one author, give the authors’ names in the order they are on the article.

by including references your essay will be taken more serious.
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How to Reference Essays. Creating a list of references for an essay will depend upon which reference style you will be using, as each has its own formatting method.

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