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Like the DEN Worksheet, the is designed to help you move from reading a text to writing about it. It is most helpful for writing a reading response essay or a discussion board post, though you can adapt it to any assignment. It is designed to slow down your reading process and record your thoughts while you are having them so that when you sit down later to write, you have a record of the ideas that the reading evoked in your mind.

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A reading response essay expresses a student’s thinking about a piece of literature

A reading response essay is a common English essay assignment

The article that this Reading Response essay is about is from The New York Times and is called "Lives-Under My Skin: A story of one man's journey toward getting a tattoo. " Unfortunately, The New York Times is blocking embedded links, but you can see the article at the following URL:

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This is a sample reading response essay to an article titled “Cell Phones are Dangerous" by Mary Johnson, agreeing with the article and extending one of the ideas.

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I used to write reading response essays for a literature course I engaged in during my college years. I enjoy writing and analyzing my response to the things I read. It was quite fun in those days because the professor obviously chose books that where especially thought provoking and that made it much more interesting and easy too. Do you write many reading response hub-essays?

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