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The US National Art Education Association (NAEA) is one of the largest professional art education associations. It has a foundation that provides various grants and scholarships relating to art education. Please see the link for details:

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The is a co-educational Catholic institution. The academic priorities of the school are liberal arts, professional and pre-professional courses. The tuition for a full-time course with 12-17 credits is $13,335.00. The institution offers many scholarships such as Presidential Scholarships, Transfer Scholarship and Legacy Scholarship.

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*MSU - North Texas chapter of the Texas Association of Vietnam Veterans Scholarship - Deadline: June 30, Vietnam veteran, or spouse, child or grandchild of Vietnam veteran.

Berkeley College grants and scholarships that have been instituted in the college for so many years.
If you are a patriotic American interested in working in the intelligence community (e.g. become an American spy), then consider this offer among your strange scholarship searches. You must be a college junior, senior or graduate student preparing for a field related to the Intelligence Association. What majors are of interest to them? Well, make a guess because that is part of the strange part – they can’t tell you! List your special activities, internships, prior or current military services and your career goals to serve your country in the intelligence community. Financial need is not considered. For more information (or not) on the National Military Intelligence Association Scholarship Program see .This may be considered one of the strange scholarships, depending on your point of view. Since elementary, junior high and high school students aren’t allowed to carry guns at school, and in the wake of recent school violence, should students really be writing essays about the constitutional right to keep and bear arms? Well, the NRA says yes. The National Rifle Association sponsors this scholarship where students submit an essay on the importance of the second amendment to the constitution. For more details about the NRA Right to Keep and Bear Arms Essay Contest seeIf you are interested in parapsychology, this scholarship may be for you. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. Any major is acceptable, but the applicant must be interested in parapsychology and write an essay on a designated topic related to parapsychology. For more requirement for these interesting but slightly strange scholarships known as the Robert R. Coly Prize in Parapsychology seeCan you outsmart the Zombies at your school and win one of these strange scholarships for college? Write a short essay (250 words or less) about what you would do to survive if your school was overrun with Zombies, the walking dead. This scholarship is open to high school students ages 13+ and college students. For the Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship Application for 2014 go to
for mothersScholarships for women over 35 can be found through the Jeanette Rankin JRF scholarship for mothers.

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There are quite a few Lutheran scholarships for Christians available to Lutheran church members, but many are obscure and tend to be unknown scholarships.

Look for ways to fund your college experience by investigating some unusual grants scholarships for college.

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Finally, you can take the money awarded by these scholarships to any number of schools. Unlike other financial aid directories that often list bulk up their listings with random scholarships available only to students enrolled at a specific school, all of the entries in this book are "portable."

If your looking for scholarships and student grants you may want to consider the ones below for you this month. College grants and scholarships.

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AMVETS Veteran College scholarships have military scholarships for existing Veterans offered through two colleges along with their main national AMVETS program.