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QUIZ QUESTION: What animal-linked word describes someone who always gets blamed? Scapegoat

Your free downloadable, pdf printable quiz questions and answers

The Limited Duration option is a newer feature in D2L. This option allows you to set a specific maximum amount of time in minutes during which students may view quiz question and answer details (submissions view) immediately after submitting the quiz. Each student will be able to view the submissions information until the time runs out. The intent is to allow students an equal amount of time to view the quiz submissions view after completing the quiz.

Your free downloadable, pdf printable quiz questions and answers

It is possible for D2L administrators to import new quiz questions from a properly-formatted Word document. To learn about formatting the questions you wish to import, view the guide for more information.

MUSIC QUIZ QUESTION: According to Tina Turner, what is the speed limit in Nutbush? 25 MPH
These are a few notes for getting started writing your pub quiz, or general knowledge quiz. There are no hard and fast rules. If you are just beginning and intending to do it on a regular basis, my advice would be to keep it simple, avoid controversy and test the water with the audience. Every pub has a different type of clientelle and what might be suitable at once end of town might be wholly unsuitable at the other!

Beware when setting questions. The fatal mistake that question-writers often make is putting in questions which, although interesting facts in their own right, do not make good quiz questions.

An example of this might be "Architecturally, what links Runcorn with Australia?" The answer being that the Runcorn bridge and Syndey Harbour bridge are practically identical! It may be interesting but who is really going to know that? A very few people on Merseyside, perhaps? I once showed a picture of the Runcorn bridge and asked where the photo was taken, just for fun - Which is approaching it slightly different and it's a bit of fun. But if it's an obscure fact that people have little idea of knowing, they will not thank the quizmaster for it, even when the interesting nature of the answer is revealed!

I find it is it good practise to have a mixture of quiz questions so that some are quite hardcore, requiring knowledge of fairly dry historical or scientific facts, combined with media or celbrity-based questions. Too much emphasis on either end of the spectrum will irk one type of quiz-goer.

The other type of question which it does no harm to throw in is one that requires some working out or at least a few moments thought. Asking how many property squares on a Monolopy board or the number of segments on a dart board are both good questions to lead to lively debate amonst team members, but should be far from impossible.

These are just a few thoughts on the way I put together a quiz and by no means a definitive guide. Every pub atmosphere is different and every set of participants is different. I find it is always important to listen to the feedback from teams. Whilst it is important to maintain some distance and attempt to keep some degree of authority for when the arguments break out, it is good to be able to take on board any criticism of style of question and you will soon learn what to avoid.

A final word of advice though - It is always the negaive people who are the loudest. A single team of moaners who don't like football questions will always create a greater impression on you than the other half dozen teams who got those questions right and go home happy with the quiz. Take it as a complement when teams return and don't listen too hard to the moaners! They will no doubt have finished near the bottom of the of the pile, while the teams that do well on quiz night don't say a word but no doubt appreciate your effort!Somewhate surprisingly, it's quite difficult to get the 'right' quiz questions for a trivia night. After all, anyone can make up some questions or copy them from a book. Legends Trivia provides a complete trivia package with a proven mix of interesting quiz questions.
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Your free downloadable, pdf printable quiz questions and answers

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