5. Good self-published books are few and far between.

Again, because the barrier to entry is so low, the majority of self-published books are pretty bad. If I had to put a number on it, I'd say less than 5 percent are decent and less than 1 percent are really good. A tiny fraction become monster success stories, but every every few months, you'll hear about someone hitting it big (for those who don't know already the "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy was initially self-published).

5. Good self-published books are few and far between.

The book publisher must publish books with good content and editorial selection.

21. Self-published books rarely get reviewed -- for free anyway.

We at Accents Publishing believe that readers should be able to afford the books we publish. That's why we're committed to providing books that offer great value at a reasonable price. We would love to hear from you about your favorite Accents Publishing books, and we will be sure to share your feedback with the authors.

21. Self-published books rarely get reviewed -- for free anyway.

For more than twenty years, Sports Publishing did an outstanding job recognizing and fulfilling the demand for sports titles of both regional and national interest. As an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, our goal is to continue the tradition of publishing books that appeal to the passionate, often underserved, fanbases of both pro and college teams across the nation by offering fresh, innovative books in a variety of attractive series. We have breathed new life into many of the best-loved books on the Sports Publishing backlist, and we have invigorated the imprint with new books on individual teams, prominent sports personalities, and newly-crowned champions.

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America Star Books gives authors an English voice in the world's biggest, most challenging but also most promising market, from New York to Los Angeles, from Seattle to Miami. We do this the old-fashioned way: we translate, produce and publish our books at zero cost to the author. Researching a market for its needs. An editor at a publishing house doesn’t simply decide one morning that the history of technology is an area in which to publish. Or if he does, someone at the house will stop him. Before launching into a new field, a publisher will study the size of the market, the number of competing publishers actively engaged in the discipline, the house’s current contacts in this area, and the potential for making a contribution—both in scholarly terms and in financial terms. If the field is one in which the house already publishes, the editor will be able to go on the evidence of recently published books. Did our book on the history of refrigeration do well?, Marty Essen, Publisher, 1572 BLue Lupine Lane, Victor MT 59875. Email: . Just starting out publishing books from other authors on animals, environment, nature, politics, science, travel, and wildlife.From an author’s perspective, the way publishers select books, taking some on and turning many more away, is a separation of the goats from the sheep. What is less apparent, but certainly as true, is that publishers select books in order to stay in business, and, on a more abstract plane, to determine what the house’s identity is. The publishing house selects books through the mechanism of its editorial department and disseminates its books through its production and marketing divisions. But the publishing house is also figuring out, book by book, contract by contract, who it is and what it wants to be.
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FT Publishing books bring together the latest business thinking from the best business minds in the world, and help students to learn and professionals to excel. Whether it's a strategy that opens new doors, a technique that solves a problem, or simply a new perspective that helps makes sense of it all, our books are there to help the business world to live and learn.

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If your book is really mediocre, don't expect it to take off. But even if it's a masterpiece, there's a good chance it won't fly off the shelves (and by shelves, I mean virtual shelves, because most self-published books don't make it into brick-and-mortar stores). In other words, quality isn't a guarantee of success. You'll be lucky to make your investment back, let alone have a "hit" that brings in some real income. Don't quit your day job yet.

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Publishing scholarly books involves several distinct but interlocking activities. Your publisher finds manuscripts, improves them, gives them definitive shape, casts them in physical or electronic form, provides them with good company, tells the world about them, protects an author’s interests, sells books, takes in some money and shares it with the author, and tries to do this without going into debt. Publishing is about