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Previously published dissertations should not be used as a guide for preparation of the manuscript. The signed dissertation copies and accompanying documents must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar on or before the quarterly deadline indicated in the university’s academic calendar. A fee is charged for the microfilming and binding of the dissertation copies.

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Moving forward, I would like to see every doctoral student publish their dissertation on ProQuest or some other online platform. Just like TED has revolutionized the conference model, as current and future scholars, we have an opportunity to revolutionize the way people think, learn, and are taught about academic research.

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It May Be Helpful to Read Other Previously Published Dissertations in the Same Field. Some graduate-school students have no clue what a Dissertation looks and reads like. So it is to their benefit to read as many Dissertations as they can before they start their own project. Of course Dissertations are in some way or form relatable to the graduate-level course mandating the completion of a Dissertation.

Whatever its reasons, I plan to publish my dissertation online and here’s why:
The following is a list of published doctoral dissertations from the last 5 years, in order of year published, including the alumnus’ and their special committee chair’s name.Unpublished dissertations focusing on psychosocial interventions for cancer patients are not necessarily of vastly inferior quality to those that eventually are published. Because doctoral dissertations are easy to access relative to other forms of gray literature, are free from some types of bias, and are reported thoroughly, they merit inclusion in comprehensive literature reviews.The first thing to remember is that YOU own your copyright; unlike most scholarly publishers, ProQuest/UMI does NOT acquire copyright when we publish your dissertation or thesis. You are free to re-publish your work in whole or in part, with whomever you choose without asking our permission. A follow-up search of the PubMed and PsycINFO bibliographic databases determined if unpublished dissertations had been published by November, 2008. For projects that yielded more than one dissertation, if at least one was published, we coded the project as published. In all, 42 projects comprised (at least one) dissertation that had been published and 65 projects comprised (at least one) dissertation had not been published; for simplicity, we refer to these as published dissertations and unpublished dissertations, respectively.
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We examined 107 projects comprising 42 published and 65 unpublished dissertations examining psychosocial interventions for cancer patients, comparing their characteristics and methodological quality. Published versus unpublished dissertations were not more likely to examine different types of interventions, but were more likely to be supported by research funding. On several indices of methodological quality, differences were minimal. However, there was a trend for dissertations in this area to exhibit publication bias; whereas every published dissertation reported a significant finding, only a proportion of unpublished dissertations reported one. Thus, excluding unpublished dissertations from systematic reviews may ignore null-results from methodologically sound research.

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Findings support the notion that unpublished doctoral dissertations, at least in this area of research, are not necessarily of vastly inferior quality. Because doctoral dissertations are easy to identify in bibliographic databases, are not subject to publication-review bias and the file-drawer effect due to automatic entry into the Dissertation Abstracts International database, can often be obtained via institutions’ interlibrary loan services (or purchased commercially), and have thorough reporting, we concur with other authors [, ] that they merit inclusion in comprehensive literature reviews.

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During the final dissertation submission process, the research doctoral candidate (author) will complete and sign a Doctoral Dissertation Agreement. The Agreement grants ProQuest a non-exclusive license to duplicate and distribute the dissertation and publish the abstract. The author retains the copyright in the dissertation, and keeps the right to publish the dissertation elsewhere, in book form or as separate articles. ProQuest takes care of the arrangements for (a) publishing the abstract in Dissertation Abstracts International; (b) preparing a microfilm copy of the dissertation; and (c) depositing microfilm copies in the University Graduate Library.