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Of course, I immediately became frustrated, but this is exactly why I am teaching this skill. I learned after teaching my first circuits lab that most engineering students really have no clue how to write a proper lab report.

Descriptive labs: Improving your lab report

Descriptive Labs Improving Your Lab Report

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Writing the lab report in an appropriate way is the most important part of the academic career of the students. Submitting a lab report in the proper format is very important for achieving the good grades and you know that your future depends upon the grades you achieve. Every student is not capable of writing the proper lab report; some students do not attend the lab sessions, or if they do, then they are not able to write the whole report because they lack the writing skills.

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We read several hundred lab reports every year, and some errors are much more common than others. Here is a list of common errors and some recommendations for producing satisfactory lab reports.

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In order to analyze the lab report written by the students, a standard checklist was designed both by the lecturer and the researcher so that the standard textual and linguistic features of these types of text could be determined. To do that, a total of 10 lab reports were analyzed and a set of common textual, meta discourse, lexico-semantic and morpho-syntactic features were defined as the general elements that a proper lab report should contain. A proper Lab Report must be written by someone who has spent time researching the specific discipline and subject matter related to the custom written lab report. Our hires writers with backgrounds in various scientific fields so we can ensure you receive a qualified writer based of your needs.Once the lab reports have been handed in, we will continue to discuss the necessary steps in keeping a proper lab report and how to act in a professional lab setting. We will then go over the importance of maintaining your body and the steps that you can take to having a healthy body.
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As for those underprepared Yale students, this was 100% not their fault. Yale structures its majors in a way that I feel is detrimental to STEM fields. Students are allowed to take courses in any order, which means about 30% of any given class will be redundant to each student, and the lab portion of classes can be taken entirely separately from lecture (even years later), which loses the benefit of the practical work reinforcing the book learning. It also means that because the first 1-2 years of a biology major are so chemistry heavy, I was teaching junior majors who had never taken a biology lab class or written a proper lab report. Which is insane.

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Deugo says the workshops will cover various topics, from talks about co-op and future employment opportunities from someone in the industry, to seminars on how to write a proper lab report.