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Position Paper on Background Noise and Radio Performance
9/24/08... Motorola has provided a NewLink to its August 2008 position paper on best practices to deal with background noise and radio performance: . The IAFC provides this NewLink as a resource for those interested in the subject.Interim Report on Digital Radios Released
The (pdf) includes conclusions based on nine months of laboratory testing conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). An important part of the report is the set of recommendations for the fire service, the federal government and industry—many but not all surrounding the following themes:
The report also contains recommendations from the Working Group's Best Practices Task Group, which has developed procedures and identified technical issues for consideration when radios are used in the field.NTIA Report on Radio Systems Test Results Released
The Institute for Telecommunications Services (ITS) has posted the National Telecommunications & Information Administration report, .The report's preface notes:
This work was performed in cooperation with the IAFC. The IAFC will issue a companion report in June to assist in putting the laboratory data into public safety context with observations and recommendations for fire chiefs, EMS directors and law enforcement leadership. The information in this NTIA Technical Report should be considered in conjunction with the information in the companion IAFC report.IAFC Digital Project Working Group Produces Best Practices Presentation
June 2, 2008... Publication of the IAFC (pdf) follows a year of extensive study of current practices supported by laboratory testing. Two reports will detail this study and laboratory testing (see NTIA report and DPWG Interim Report).These best practices will provide operational examples for the most effective and safest use of portable radios in a fire-service environment. While originally focusing on digital radios, it was determined that the presentation had valuable information for all types of portable radios, both analog and digital.In 2007, the IAFC formed a working group composed of fire-service personnel, other public-safety representatives, wireless-radio manufacturers, manufacturers of fire apparatus and equipment and consultants to address potential problems found in digital radios in the presence of loud background noise. The IAFC has been working in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Commerce to develop reliable data to address the extent and nature of the problem.Additional details: Go to 3/20/2007 IAFC member alert

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 The report from the Project Working Group Meeting on , held April 2015, London, is

SPECA Project Working Group (PWG) on Trade

Purpose: Project Working Groups are groups that are developed around issues that people across GA’s network are working on, such as urban farming or children’s education. They aggregate curriculum, share best practices, and directly support local projects working on a particular issue.

Profile of a Project Working Group member: Molly Costello

There are currently two Project Working Groups: the Sustainable Agriculture Working Group and the Our Power Working Group. These two groups focus on helping share information, materials, and project templates around sustainable agriculture and energy-efficiency, respectively, with other members of Grand Aspirations.

Project Working Group (PWG) on Trade, 26 October 2009, Geneva, Switzerland
of the Project Working Group (PWG) on Trade, 6 November 2008, Bishkek

Project Working Group Meeting #3 - San Diego

A community open house was arranged by the Project Working Group at the JMRFN Band Office on July 14, 2010. Posters explaining climate change and future climate projections, and its impacts to the health of the community, people, culture, and the environment of the JMRFN were displayed in the gymnasium and videos about climate change were shown. Members of the working group were also available to answer any questions members of the community who attended the open house had about the project and climate change.

of the Project Working Group (PWG) on Trade, 12 November 2007, Berlin,

Project Working Group Meeting #1 - San Diego

The mission of the Forum's Project Management Work Group is to devise, implement and sponsor events and programs, customized for NYS-based government entities, that facilitate the development and growth of project management best practices and competencies.

HIDRA Project Working Group Activities

Within the HIDRA project three working groups were established

The Project Lead, Margaret Ireland, organized the Project Working Group consisting of seven members from JMR, and consultants from PACTeam Canada. An initial working group meeting was held on July 13, 2010. PACTeam Canada delivered a presentation to the working group about climate change in general, and the current and potential impacts climate change may have on the people and the environment of northern Canada, to demonstrate how climate change is linked to new and existing environmental, economical, cultural, and social changes that affect the health of people, communities, and wildlife in northern Canada. The discussion at the meeting also focused on: