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We are delivering a sequence of Project Planning courses in 2013/14. These courses will establish the principles behind project planning and tracking which will then be applied using Microsoft Project ™.

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Jay A. Williams is a principal engineer at Power Delivery Consultants Inc. (Ballston Lake, New York), which he cofounded in 1992. Williams has been designing, overseeing the construction of, and commissioning high-voltage underground cable systems for more than 30 years. He has developed industry-accepted ampacity programs, and teaches cable ampacity and cable project planning courses. Williams was the technical editor for the 1992 EPRI authoring the ampacity chapter. Previously, Williams was the underground manager at PTI and was in charge of the underground transmission cable group at Consolidated Edison. He is a senior member of IEEE and is past chairman of the Insulated Conductors Committee's Insulation Systems Subcommittee.

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Architecture majors study the art and science of designing buildings and other physical structures in order to become architects after graduation. Most architecture students have a bit of background knowledge in computer systems and have at least a small ability to draw. Architecture students spend most of their time in studio working on projects for class. The types of classes architecture students take include architectural design, theory and history. Students will also take drafting and project planning courses. Most architecture programs help place their students in high paying careers after graduation.

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curriculum are used in the Project Planning courses offered in UVG's Education Department

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Tech Project Planning courses at BSD Code & Design Academy. Take a look to see when out next courses are available in your area.

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