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Two leadership groups, the Advisory Group (Shou Ling Leong (chair), Stacy Brungardt, Scott Fields, Alec Chessman, and John Waits) and the Project Development Group (Shou Ling Leong, Alec Chessman, John Waits, Jason Chao, and Stephen Scott) were formed to lead the project. Their tasks included defining the curriculum matrix and case outlines, developing 5 pilot cases, and recruiting case authors.

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The Tennessee Aquatic Project and Development Group, Inc., is a youth based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit

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A training workshop for case writers was given at the Predoctoral Conference in January 2009. Authors developed their cases with mentoring from the Family Medicine Project Development Group (fmPDG). Cases are scheduled to be completed by July 2009, followed by peer review. Pilot testing of the cases is offered to interested schools. The cases will be available by subscription in summer 2010.

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Clayton Lessmeister is, currently, the Quality Lead for Hatch in the Project Development Group in the Saskatoon office. He has over 12 years experience in Quality Assurance, Project Management, Quality Management, and Quality Control. This includes developing Quality Management Systems, managing Quality for numerous projects, and leading several Quality Improvement initiatives. He recently led a project to address the risks of significant materials for Cameco Corp. At the ASQ 2011 World Conference he gave a presentation that was based on his work with Cameco. Clayton is an experienced and trained Quality Professional, Lead Auditor and Project Manager.

Browne is the Managing Partner of Sterling Project Development Group, which he helped establish
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Based on the above, decisions are made to go ahead with a project. Once the decision is made, the group contracts with the appropriate companies to complete the design build & commission operations. Often this process can take years, and the group is thoroughly involved in the process to ensure operations are build up to the specifications and requirements. After an operation is completed, the group is involved in the commissioning and training of the staff and the operation is then turned over to its own individual business unit. The project development group is still involved at this point to ensure the operation proceeds as originally planned. They are also involved in looking for ways to optimize and stream line the operation, and making the operation more efficient.

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If you want to develop a real estate project in the City of Boston or the state of Massachusetts, understanding and navigating the regulatory approval process is essential. Headed by a former executive director of the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the ML Strategies Real Estate and Project Development group can offer a clear roadmap for developers and others to navigate their way through the complex requirements necessary to execute a project from start to finish. Issues may include compliance with M.G.L., Chapter 91 and City article 80. Whether it be guiding a development through the extensive and detailed approval process in the City of Boston, or identifying and facilitating opportunities for real estate projects in the Commonwealth's 350 cities and towns, ML Strategies' in-depth experience can produce efficient and cost-effective results.

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Gary co-founded CPV in 1999 and has helped raise equity funding for CPV’s general business and project activities, exceeding $2.5 billion. Gary has overall management responsibilities for CPV's Braintree office and is a member of the Board of Managers. Today, Gary also plays a significant role in building and directing the business activities of CPV including project development and asset management as well as raising financing for various corporate and project needs. Gary has over 25 years of experience in the competitive energy industry.

Prior to CPV, Gary was a Vice President in the project development group of PG&E Generating Company, formerly US Generating Company. His responsibilities included the oversight of electric development and acquisition efforts throughout the United States.

Prior to PG&E, Gary was a manager of development at J. Makowski Associates and prior to that worked for both Catalyst Energy Construction, Inc. and its spin-off Hydro Power Corporation developing and overseeing construction of 1 to 5 MW hydroelectric projects. Gary holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.