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Likely Letters is a statistics and probability project that requires students to use experimental probability to determine the letters with the highest frequency of use in written English. Students analyze a passage of text, collect data on the letters used most frequently, and compile their data with others in the class to reach their conclusions.

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Honors Algebra 1 Probability Project Due Monday, May 24

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Capital investments will decline 32 per cent this year to just under $18 billion, but a number of high-probability projects gives RBC analyst Mark Friesen “the confidence that capital spending will remain robust throughout the rest of this decade.”

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New product development is notoriously difficult, and software new product development particularly so. Although a great deal of research has investigated new product development, projects developing new software products continue to have problems meeting their goals. In fact, one line of research proposes new product development is difficult because it must solve an ongoing stream of complex problems. I integrate this line of research with two others to develop a conceptual framework of new product development as a process of finding and solving problems. From this framework, I develop four hypotheses that predict the probability projects developing new products will attain their development schedule and product quality goals.

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due to the case study concentrating only on medium-probability projects

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be extended by including low- and high-delay probability projects in the future.

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As FD0206 was one of an ongoing series of MAFF (now Defra) funded joint probability projects at

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