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Item L10 illustrates that American girls didn't apply better than boys the concepts(which they learned better than boys) to probability and statistics questions. If allgirls had guessed on this 5 choice multiple choice question, 20% of them would haveguessed correctly, but only 15% answered correctly. This could happen only if girlsdidn't answer the question at all. 27% of American boys answered correctly, so 20% of themmight have guessed while only 7% of them might have understood how to correctly apply theconcept. It illustrates that zero percent of American girls were able to effectivelyapply the math concept which they were able to remember, and that their test takingstrategy as a group was uniformly bad.

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4. More probability and statistics questions. You may see one more probability and statistics question on the test (such as four questions instead of three) than you would on past tests.

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